Create a new look for your pool by using decorative tiles during pool tile repair

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCIf you are tired of looking at chipped or cracked tiles in your pool, it may be time for a pool tile repair.  To create a really unique look for your pool, consider using decorative pool tiles to create artistic designs or a flowing palette of colors.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC can use colorful tiles to create dazzling displays of color.  Doing a pool tile repair to add or replace tiles can result in an updated look to your new pool.

Creating interesting patterns

Pool tile patterns have come a very long way.  It used to be the only choice was the six by six inch blue tiles, but today pool companies like Carolina Pool Plastering are using tiles from all over the world to create gorgeous designs in a vast array of colors and styles.  This wide array of available colors, shapes and sizes in pool tile make this the perfect time to do a pool tile repair on your pool.  Pool tiles may be arranged in unique patterns and themes creating customized mosaics and displays for your pool. The pool tile repair experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you create a pool tile display that is exactly right for your outdoor living area.  From a classic mosaic design to a sentimental picture with personal meaning, you and the team from Carolina Pool Plastering can make your backyard pool something to love and enjoy.

Pool tile repair reasons

Even if you have the best pool tiles possible, eventually exposure to sun and pool chemicals will cause them to fade, chip and crack.  Pool chemicals can cause the grout between the tiles to wear thin and eventually give way, allowing pool tiles to come loose.  Sunlight can fade the colors of the tiles, making them look drab and shabby.  When your pool needs an update, a pool tile repair or replacement using modern, colorful decorative tiles may be the answer.

Special pool tiles

Tiles used in swimming pools should be frost free.  This makes them more resistant to freezing and cracking during cold weather.  When you are thinking about a pool tile repair for your Charlotte NC pool, ensure your pool contractor uses the right types of tiles.  The professional pool tile repair experts from Carolina Pool Plastering know the best types of pool tiles to use when replacing or repairing pool tiles in a Charlotte NC pool.  Updating the look of your pool with a professional pool tile repair not only improves the appearance of your pool, but may complement your entire outdoor living area.


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