Glass is a beautiful option for a pool tile installation

Pool tile installation - Charlotte, NCCombining tile and water is a tradition that has been around for centuries. Starting with the pools and spas of the ancient Romans and Greeks, adding decorative tiles to manmade bodies of water has transformed water features into works of art. Even with its long history, the extensive use of tile in backyard swimming pools has remained something of a luxury. For the most part, tile is used for waterline bands or as coping along the pool’s rim. The tile used for these applications is relatively plain and inexpensive. Recent improvement, however have opened up a world of possibilities for pool decoration and design. One of the most popular of these new tile products for pool tile installation is glass tile.

Flexible and beautiful

Glass tiles are made from silicate glass material. They are typically much smaller than ceramic tiles, often not more than two square inches. While small, these colorful tiles can make a dramatic impact. They are available in an almost infinite range of colors, transparency and textures. When installed properly, they are very durable offering high resistance to chemical corrosion, cracking or other types of damage. Glass tiles can last almost indefinitely when installed and maintained properly. Carolina Pool Plastering can install and maintain any type of glass tile you choose for your Charlotte swimming pool tile installation.

While durability is a benefit, most homeowners are drawn to the aesthetic value of glass tile. It can be used for almost any purpose in your swimming pool, from the waterline to the primary interior finish. Glass tile can also be used on raised walls, benches, steps, or shallow lounging areas creating focal points of color. They can be mixed to create lovely designs or installed in a uniform range of colors. They can even be used to create vivid mosaic designs. When glass tiles are viewed closely, you can see the colors of each individual tile. When the design is submerged under water, the different colors blend, creating an endless variety of hues.

What to know about glass pool tile installation

If you think glass tiles may be just the thing for your Charlotte NC pool, consider these factors:

• Quality is key. Even though glass tiles are extremely durable, they are only as good as the material used to create them. Carefully research each manufacturer and then ask a professional swimming pool tile contractor such as Carolina Pool Plastering for recommendations and advice.
• They can be rough. Glass tiles sometimes have sharp or rough edges, often created when the tile is trimmed. This is easy to fix with careful buffing following the pool tile installation. Just ensure you hire a qualified pool tile installer to do the work. It is also extremely important that glass tiles be installed properly. This helps prevent problems later on with chipping, cracking or loosening.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC are experts at installing glass tile. Give them a call when you are ready for your pool tile installation.


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