Building a new pool deck?  Choose the right building materials

New pool deck - Charlotte, NCIf you are building a new pool deck and do not want to use the traditional concrete, do not fret.  There are still a great many materials available that make a beautiful pool deck.  The favorites are natural materials and look great surrounding a new pool.  Old, cracked white concrete is no longer as popular and this has opened the way for all types of new natural and some man-made materials.  The best pool company in Charlotte, Carolina Pool Plastering uses many materials, from travertine to bluestone to concrete pavers.  Using these natural materials helps incorporate the new pool deck into the existing landscapes.  When you decide to build a new pool deck, using materials that go beyond the old, boring white concrete can open all sorts of options.


Bricks can provide a very classy, old world look to a pool.  They are similar to pavers, however brick only comes in one size, but many colors.  They are usually dry laid using sand in the joints or can be laid with mortar between the bricks.  It is important to ensure that the brick used possesses a smooth finish so it is not hard on the feet.  Brick can truly enhance the new pool deck at your Charlotte NC home.

Concrete pavers

One of the more economical materials to use on a new pool deck is concrete pavers.  These come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and can be laid in different patterns, along with matching coping.


Another beautiful natural stone is travertine.  It is being used by Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte to build new pool decks with great results.  Travertine is available in several colors and different sizes.  It can be laid in an irregular pattern to create gorgeous designs.  One thing to remember, however, be sure to choose travertine tile that is created for outdoor use.  Otherwise, the tile may be too slippery for use around a pool.  Travertine developed for use outdoors actually absorbs water which helps make the stone coarser to family and guests do not slip.

Flagstone or bluestone

One of the most beautiful stones to use around a pool is bluestone or flagstone.  It can be used to give a new pool deck and the pool a touch of elegance.  It is particularly pretty when used in a random pattern created from square and rectangular stones.  It helps to use grout which complements the colors of your home.  Flagstone and bluestone is also very cool to the touch.

Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC is the expert in using any of these materials to create a gorgeous new pool deck for your home.



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