Time to plan for pool installation

Pool installation
As we begin to venture out of our winter dens and snow bunkers, we turn our attention to plans for swimming pool installation. Remember those sweltering days of last summer? They are sure to return, no matter how cold and miserable it was just a few weeks ago. When the weather is warm, no one wants to spend all day behind closed doors. We cannot wait to get some leisure time where we can play golf, or go fishing, but there is nothing better than spending lazy afternoons bathing in the sun and cooling off in your own private pool.

Swimming pools carry more value on top of being a great way to relax. Properly designed and quality built pools can increase the market value of your home. Swimming pool installation is no light undertaking. In this article, we hope to help you avoid the mistakes that so many new pool owners have made over the years. Consider the following items on our list:

Overlooking safety measures

Swimming pools can be as dangerous as they are fun when owners overlook basic safety measures. The best pool builders will be insistent upon establishing safety features that meet or exceed local laws. This includes fencing and other barriers that should be minimal when you have the pool installed. There are other features that they can advise you about; such as drain covers or pool covers. When it comes to building swimming pools, safety is never to be overlooked.

Do not underestimate the mechanics

Close your eyes and imagine your pool… what do you see? You are probably envisioning crystal blue water, sparkling tile, and fantastic pool furniture. The important point here is that your pool must not only look good, it has to work well. Ask your contractor to explain your filtering and heating equipment, and why they chose that particular equipment. Your pool can only be enjoyed if it is working properly. A quality swimming pool can add up to 7 percent to the market value of your home.

Choosing your pool builders based on price alone

It is always wise to live within your means, and you should have a budget for your pool construction as well as your monthly or annual maintenance. However, if you choose your pool builders based on the cheapest estimate, your chances are greater that your pool construction will be sub-par. It is compulsory that you get bids and consultations from at least three pool contractors in order to get a good idea of the cost of building your swimming pool. Be sure to make your decision based upon the reputation of the company with the best customer referrals.

The best of the Charlotte pool companies

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel Charlotte swimming pools. This includes construction and renovation of your pool deck and drain areas. If you are considering a pool to make your home more beautiful and more fun, call their office for a consultation and quote. Sit down to talk to them about the best way to plan for your swimming pool installation.


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