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Tile repair for your pool or deck
Tile repair for your pool or deck is a very important part of pool maintenance. Lining a pool with tiles has always been considered to be an excellent choice as a finish for swimming pools. Tiles are highly regarded because of their appearance and their superior durability. Although swimming pool tiles can be quite decorative, they are also practical and functional. Swimming pool tile is easier to clean than cement based surfaces and require less maintenance.

The importance of waterline tiles

In addition to adding a final finishing touch for your pool, pool tiles can also help to make the water appear deep blue through a combination of aqua marine hues. Waterline tiles are easily cleaned, so you can avoid the “bathtub ring” that is caused by swimmers wearing suntan lotion, cosmetics, and hair care products. Swimming pool tiles are also used to avoid a dry, washed out area between the coping and the water. Tiles are much easier to clean than cement based or plaster surfaces. Waterline tiles are also easy to clean. Installed on fiberglass pools, waterline tiles give the illusion that the pool is constructed from concrete.

Benefits of tile surfaces

Completely covering a pool with tile is certainly regarded as a premium finish for concrete pools. Tiles are extremely durable, and they offer countless design choices. In addition to looking fantastic and being easy to maintain, a pool that is lined with tile is gentle on your feet due to its silky smoothness. The most commonly used types of tiles are glass and glazed ceramic.

Glass mosaic tiles are immensely popular for swimming pools, spas, and pool decks. Glass offers a much broader choice of colors and hues than traditional ceramic tiles. Ceramic mosaics provide a myriad of visual effects such as the appearance of gold and pearl. Both choices are available in a variance of sizes in order to complement the modern finishes used in the industry today.

One of the top pool companies in Charlotte, NC

Replacing your tile is more than just a cosmetic fix for your pool. Your best option is to hire an experienced and reputable pool contractor because pool repair and renovation is a complex undertaking. It is advisable to hire a pool contractor that has experience building, designing, maintain, and renovating pools.

If you are unfamiliar with any of the Charlotte pool companies, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They understand that your pool is a permanent feature of your home. Your pool builders need to be experienced and competent because their work must last for decades. Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, tile and surrounding areas. To learn more about tile repair for your pool or deck, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte NC.


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