What is a salt water swimming pool? Ask a Charlotte pool builder

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The best pool builders in Charlotte can install and maintain a salt water swimming pool system as part of your pool renovation. A salt water swimming pool uses salt in the water to generate chlorine. You pool would be outfitted with a chlorine generator, which produces liquid chlorine through the process of water passing through an electronic cell. To clear up a common misconception, a salt-water pool is not chlorine free. A salt water swimming pool makes its own chlorine.

Explaining the salt water pool system

The chlorine generator is a very simple and safe system that consists of a control unit and a salt cell. The control unit regulates power to the salt cell. Chlorine is produced whenever power is applied to the cell. Duration and amount of power is determined by the operation of a control knob on the unit. Through the process of electrolysis, water passes through the salt cell creating liquid chlorine. The benefits of installing a salt water pool system is the elimination of noxious chlorine smell, clearer eyes for swimmers, softer skin with less chlorine contamination, and no more need to handle or store chlorine.

Maintaining your salt water pool

Most pool companies recommend that the salt concentration be kept between 3000 to 4000ppm to ensure an adequate amount of salt for the cell to produce the proper level of chlorine. Salt test strips and kits are normally purchased at your pool supply store or can be offered by your pool maintenance contractor. Most units contain a self cleaning feature that cleans off scale buildup on the cell plates. If you should select a model that does not have the self cleaning feature, at the end of the season, the cell should be cleaned with a mild dilution of muriatic acid.

You should consult with your Charlotte pool professional in order to purchase the system that will produce the appropriate chlorine demand for the volume of water in your pool. Manufacturer specifications will indicate the number of gallons of pool water for each model system. Whatever system you choose, it should pay for itself, as you will save a significant amount of money because you will no longer need to purchase chlorine. On the average, the system pays for itself in about 2 to 3 years.

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NC

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