Choosing the right pool company

Tile installation for your pool or deck There is no secret in determining how to choose a Charlotte pool company; it is simply a matter of asking the right questions. Let the buyer beware, anyone can get a business license, purchase some pool cleaning equipment, and call himself a pool cleaning company. Believe it or not, there are a lot of unqualified people who try to pass themselves off as pool cleaning service providers. The first question to ask every contractor is how long their company has been in business.

Select at least 3 pool contractors

If you are selecting a pool cleaning service without the recommendation of a trusted friend or associate, you should ask the owners of the prospective pool contractors to provide you with the names of a few customers that you can call for references. Ask each client if the pool cleaning company shows up on time, how thorough is their work, and about the professionalism of the workers. Be sure to ask each client how long they have used the service in question, and if they are affiliated with the company in any way.

Never sign a long term deal

You should never get a quote from a pool company unless they offer free estimates. It is not standard in the industry to pay anyone for estimates of any kind related to the maintenance or renovation of your pool. Make sure that the service is written in details so that you know exactly what will be performed and at what intervals. Reputable pool service companies will offer a contract that lays out exactly what it will do because they want to avoid discrepancies. You should never sign a long-term contract for monthly service. It is best to commit to a few months at a time. This way, the company will have incentive to earn your business by performing well on a consistent basis.

Learn as much as you can about the company before you hire them. Only choose a pool cleaning service if it owns the necessary equipment and chemicals to perform the job. Some services do not include chemicals, so be sure that is clarified in your contract. Most pools need to be cleaned and checked at least once per week, so if the service is greater than weekly intervals, get some very specific reasons why. It would also be good to compare service intervals of every pool company.

Look for skilled and versatile pool contractors

Hire a company that can help you in the future. You might need, or want to consider other services in the future. Regular maintenance and cleaning are weekly tasks, but other problems can occasionally arise with your pool, or you may consider renovations in the future. Find out if the company offers other services such as tile cleaning and replacement, or pump repair for an extra cost? This can help ensure that you are hiring an experienced and knowledgeable pool cleaning service.

One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to maintain, repair, and remodel your pool. This includes the deck, tile, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for decks. A beautiful deck will create beautiful comfort zones and extend your entertainment space, increasing the value of your home or business. If you were wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company, start with a call to Carolina Pool Plastering for a consultation and an estimate.


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