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If you have not chosen one, you need to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company to maintain your salt water swimming pool. Salt water pools are different from traditional chlorine pools because they use salt to generate chlorine, instead of introducing pure chlorine directly into the pool. Salt water pools use a chlorine generator, in which water passes through an electronic cell that produces the compound sodium hypochlorite, or liquid chlorine. It is important to understand that salt water pools are not chlorine free. They manufacture their own chlorine, and they carry lots of benefits for pool owners.

Salt cell required maintenance

Chemical reactions that take place in the electrical unit can cause quite a bit of buildup of scale and chemical by products. The majority of salt cell units have a self cleaning feature. They are designed to reverse the polarity of the voltage in the cell, which cleans off scale and buildup off of the cell plates. If your salt cell unit does not have a self cleaning feature, at the end of the season, you can use a mild solution of muriatic acid to clean the cell.

During the off season, salt is poured directly into the deep end of your pool. Using your extension pole with a brush head, stir any salt that is on the floor of the pool until it is fully dissolved. Pool maintenance is crucial because this keeps your chlorine at its most effective level and your pool is at its healthiest for swimmers. Alkalinity, pH, calcium and acid levels all need to be monitored regularly and maintained at proper levels. An experienced Charlotte pool contractor can determine the best levels and maintenance schedule for your pool. They can ensure that your salt system produces the right amount of chlorine per hour.

Benefits of salt water pools

Most pool owners depend on salt water pools because they provide improved water quality and greater comfort for swimmers. Salt water swimming pools are also significantly less expensive to operate than conventional pools. You will save money every month because you will no longer need to buy chlorine. Most people who purchase or convert to salt water pools discover that it takes about 2 to 3 years in order for the system to pay for itself. Additionally, swimmers who are sensitive to the chlorine in conventional pools do not experience the same sensitivity in salt water pools. When all is said and done, salt water pools improve your quality of life while saving you money.

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