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Carolina Pool Plastering swimming pool construction and renovation
If you are thinking about buying a house with a pool, the swimming pool construction and renovation must weigh heavily into your decision. There are some critically important things you will need to know before you commit to buying the home. Keep in mind that a swimming pool is one of the most valuable and complex assets on the property. It is also the place where you, your family, and your friends will share some of the best times together with each other. On the other hand, if things are not right, your pool can become a headache of epic proportions.

Get a Professional Pool Inspection

It is important that you make an objective and critical decision when you buy a home with a pool. Home inspection is part of the buying process, but rather than trust a home inspector from the bank, it would be wise to hire a one of the top Charlotte pool companies to conduct a thorough inspection. Look for pool contractors that have been around for a long time, and who has experience with a wide variety of pools. Most buyers assume the home sale inspection includes the pool, but only in the rarest of cases. In reality, the majority of home inspection reports include a disclaimer for the pool and spa areas.

Test the equipment

When performing the pool inspection, your chosen pool company will test the overall operating condition of the pool and equipment. They will turn the equipment on to verify that it works; however, in the majority of cases, your inspector will have no legal right to take anything apart. Your pool contractors are allowed to pressure test the plumbing for possible leaks. Failing to do this may be setting you up for costly problems down the road. Before hiring a pool inspector, make sure that they will perform pressure testing of the pool plumbing. It would also be prudent to find out if their report includes a written estimate for any repairs that are deemed necessary in the event that you should purchase the home.

Settle the pool issues before closing

When you buy a home with a swimming pool, you are basically buying the pool “as is.” Your presale inspection will let you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Armed with this information, you can make a price adjustment based upon any repairs or renovation required to restore the pool to operating condition. Arranging for money to be held in escrow for pool repair costs is an easy way to address the issues that may arise from your pool inspection.

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering has been serving pool owners in Charlotte, NC for nearly 25 years. Originally founded for servicing the local area, Carolina Pool Plastering has expanded its servicing areas to all over the East Coast. The pool company is known for offering high quality and individualized work. They hold a long list of renovation customers that are more than satisfied. Call them today to discuss your swimming pool construction and renovation.


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