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Part of our job is to help customers make the best decisions about their pool, and we want to address the question about deck drainage for your new pool deck. Are you aware that there needs to be a graded slope for your in-ground pool patio? In addition, you will need advice as to which direction the patio should slope. This leads to questions about how deck drain systems work, and what types of pool deck drain systems are available. Hopefully, in this article we will tackle these questions here in an effort to give you a better understanding of how deck drains for in-ground pools really work.

Determining pool deck slope

Pool decks are also known as pool patios. They need to slope at a rate of approximately one-quarter of an inch every foot. This means that a section of patio that is eight feet wide should fall around two inches in elevation. For obvious reasons, the pool deck needs to slope away from the pool. If this does not happen, rain water and splash water will wash debris into the pool on a steady basis. This makes it extremely hard to keep your pool clean and your water chemistry in balance. If your patio is surrounded by landscaping, that is an ideal situation to allow the water to run directly of the patio into the surrounding grounds as long as that water has adequate drainage. If the water cannot be adequately absorbed by the surrounding landscaping, a french drain will usually be the best solution to the problem.

If you pool patio abuts against your house, or some other structure, there are several options available. Perhaps you can have your pool deck designed to slope away from the house as well as the pool. This can be done in two ways; one is to form a valley in the middle of the patio field. In this case the pool deck is designed to channel water so that it will naturally flow away from the center and off the sides. The other option is for a drain to be installed in the valley which can be used to carry water away from the patio through a drain pipe to a more appropriate spot for runoff to dissipate. Some lot elevations will make it more feasible to have the patio fall all the way to the house where we can place a strip drain that will sufficiently collect and divert the water.

Spot drains versus strip drains

There are generally two types of deck drains used for most pool deck projects, primarily there are strip drains and spot drains. Strip drains, which are also referred to as trench drains, are narrow grates are installed the length of the lowest elevation on the slope; though which water trickles, and then flows through an in-ground trough away from the patio. Strip drains are ideal for placement against a house or structure, and are also commonly used in the valleys we mentioned above. Spot drains are typically round single drains, similar to those you will find in a shower stall, that are connected underground by PVC pipe that carries the water away from the pool deck. Spot drains are perfect in those areas where long strip drains are not possible. This makes them ideal for free form and odd shaped pool decks.

One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to maintain, repair, and remodel your pool. This includes the deck, tile, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for decks. A beautiful deck will create beautiful comfort zones and extend your entertainment space, increasing the value of your home or business. If you were wondering how to choose a Charlotte pool company, start with a call to Carolina Pool Plastering for a consultation design ideas for your pool and your new pool deck.


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