Trends for a new pool deck

New pool deck
The hottest trend when it comes to backyard swimming pools is the renovation or construction of a new pool deck. We all remember our days as youth when the average pool deck consisted of a three foot concrete collar that surrounded the swimming pool. Lawn chairs or blankets were strewn out on the lawn, and that was pretty much it. Today, however, swimming pools are enhanced with outdoor kitchens, barbeque pits, pergolas, sunken bars, and floating bars.

Choosing the right materials

The kind of material that you use for your pool deck is the first thing you should consider before actually deciding on your pool deck design. The most experienced pool companies recommend you choose a durable and weatherproof material that is the best product to compliment your pool style and your layout of your landscape. Once you have decided on the best material, you can become as creative as your budget will allow. In addition to the functional additions like outdoor kitchens, consider strictly aesthetic features, such as waterfalls, water slides, seating built into your pool, and multi-level decks.

Location, location, location

As we mentioned before, you will want to consider the location of your pool and the surrounding landscape. For example, is your pool isolated in a part of the yard, or is it close to the house? Pools that are located close to the house will need to compliment the architecture and style of home itself. You will want to make sure that the material you use is complimentary to the siding or masonry of your home exterior. If your pool sits further out in the yard, you have a little more flexibility with materials and design. In addition to considering location, make sure that you take into account factors like exposure to afternoon sun and convenient proximity to your hot tub and other amenities.

Consult with your Charlotte pool company

You do not need to go through the process along; it is crucial that you consider consulting with a pool deck designer or pool company about having blueprints drawn up and your new pool deck installation. Competent pool builders can offer you pool deck designs that are uniquely specific to your home, your yard, your landscape, and your pool design. The right pool contractors will be able to take all these things into account, creating the perfect pool deck for you.

Pool renovation and new pool deck construction in Charlotte, NC

Has your swimming pool become outdated, or is it in need of repair? The professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering are there to help you. They can restore and transform your pool and/or pool deck to a place of beauty. Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC, can remodel and repair your pool. They will work with you to develop a schedule and keep you from worrying about the hassle of late jobs and missed deadlines. Call them today to discuss your plans and receive great ideas for a new pool deck.


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