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You have been dreaming of installing a pool in your backyard and you’re ready to take the plunge. Only, you have no idea where to begin! Who do you call? What questions do you ask pool companies before hiring them?

Carolina Pool Plastering offers some advice on how to choose a Charlotte pool company and make that dream of pool ownership a reality!

What kind of pool do you want?

It seems too simple that most of us wouldn’t give it a second thought. But, knowing what kind of pool you want will help you find the right pool Charlotte pool company for the job. There are more pool options available today than ever before, and before you can even begin your search for pool companies, you need to think about how you intend to use your swimming pool. Is it going to be a source of recreation and outdoor entertainment for your family, or a relaxing oasis where you will unwind after a hard day at the office? Do you want to have a spa attached, or a pool to do laps?

Once you know how you will use your pool, look through magazines or on the Internet at pool designs. Print them out and keep them in a notebook. Talk with your family members and find out what their perfect pool would look like. And when you finally have an idea of the sort of pool design you want, move on to the next step: Researching companies who specialize in your type of pool design.

Friends and neighbors good starting place for choosing pool companies

When it comes to hiring pool companies, the last thing you want to do is pull open the phone book and make cold calls. Not that there is anything wrong with this method, but you will find yourself with more pool companies to choose from than you can handle, and spend your time spinning wheels when you could be narrowing the playing field more quickly with recommendations. Do you know someone who owns a swimming pool or recently had a swimming pool installed? Ask them how they liked their pool contractor. Go take a look at their pool. Do you like how it looks?

The Internet is another great vehicle to find pool reviews. Angie’s List, Google and Yahoo have consumer reviews that can take hours off your search. Of course, it is best to keep an open mind when it comes to Internet reviews. An occasional bad review may be a disgruntled customer, but it could have nothing to do with the pool contractor in question. But, if there is a pattern in reviews, you may want to skip that pool company and move on to the next.

Interview pool companies before making choice

After you have compiled a list of pool contractors, go in to their offices and interview them. Ask them about warranties and if they will offer a contract in writing with a start date and potential finish date. Is the company locally owned and operated? This is important to consider. You don’t want to be left to negotiate with a sub-contractor who really doesn’t have a buy in when it comes to staying on schedule.

Going with your gut may sound a bit flakey, but we have all had those moments when we knew in our guts something was a good idea or a bad idea. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable with the pool contractor, leave and don’t look back. Installing a new swimming pool is not inexpensive, and you want to make sure that you are entrusting the job to someone you can trust.

Once you know how to choose a Charlotte pool company, get going on making that dream of a swimming pool come true! If you want to know more about your swimming pool installation options, call Carolina Pool Plastering today and ask for an interview!


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