Hiring Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors to remodel your pool

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Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors can do just about any remodeling you desire on your pool and spa.  Whether it is replacing tile or completely replastering the shell, they are the absolute best in Charlotte NC.  Today, you have a wide choice of finishes when remodeling your pool.  A high quality finish will not only make your pool last longer, but will also increase your property value.  With the right finish, you can turn your ordinary hot tub or pool into a work of art.

Pool tile

Using tile to help decorate a pool has been in use for a long time.  Tile offers the opportunity for a customized appearance, yet is relatively inexpensive.  It is also very durable and requires little maintenance beyond the occasional scrubbing and regrouting.  There is literally a rainbow of color choices, as well as an almost infinite array of designs and patterns.  The most reliable pool contractors will help you find just the right tile for your pool remodel.  One important consideration is that the tile be safe for use around water.  It cannot be slick when wet or your guests or family members could slip and fall.  The best pool tiles are porcelain since this material does not absorb water and is very dense.

Pool plaster

Traditionally, white plaster is used to finish pools.  It has been used for many years and still remains a very popular choice.  White plaster is a combination of white marble aggregate, white cement, and water and gives your pool a classic, elegant look.  Once your pool is filled with water, white plaster gives it a brilliant, blue appearance.  White plaster is also one of the most affordable options for finishing a swimming pool.  It lasts quite a while, but should be installed by a good contractor.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors are the local experts in installing and maintaining traditional pool plaster.

Pool aggregate finishes

Another great option for pool finishes are colored ceramic aggregates.  These are a certain type of ceramic-coated sand which is mixed with plaster products.  They can be combined with colored plaster to offer a wide range of color options including the traditional blue all the way to red and beige.  It is a very durable way to finish a pool and is not as prone to impact from pool chemicals.  Aggregate pool finishes can also have a pebbly appearance which has become a very popular pool finish choice.  This pool finish provides a bit of texture to your pool finish which helps make it more slip-proof.  In Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can remodel your pool with any one of these beautiful finish options.

When remodeling or upgrading your pool finish, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.


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