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Updating the look of your old pool can leave you with several choices for its interior surface.  Choosing a new pool surface can be tough especially if you are not familiar with the choices of materials.  Remodeling your pool is much better than pool repair, which uses the same materials for your old pool. Pool remodeling can mean a lot of work for pool owners, but with the right pool-plastering experts, a beautiful new pool can be yours to use in a short time. To help you with the choices for your pool remodeling, you have to know which materials will fit your taste and your budget.  Here are some of the most common materials being used today for most pool remodeling tasks.


This is the least expensive type of material for a pools internal surface, however in long term, pool owners do not save as much money with this product. Plaster is susceptible to stain and aging due to chemicals used to cure water. With this type of pool plastering material, expect around five to seven years of service.

Premium Plaster

Premium plaster is one of the top choices among Charlotte pool clients.  This material can last up to ten to fifteen years and is stain resistant because quartz is added to it. Premium plaster is more durable and long lasting and regular plaster.


Although not made entirely with quartz, quartz pool plaster is the type of plaster with higher quartz aggregate added. This means you can expect stain proof, more durable and more aesthetically enhanced looking pool. If you choose this material, expect around twelve to fifteen good service from your pool. Do not forget to ask your pool remodeler how much quartz aggregate is added to the plaster they are using for your pool repair or pool plastering.  The higher the percentage of quartz – the higher the quality of the material.

With whatever choice of material you choose good service years can only be achieved if a professional pool remodeling expert does the pool plastering. With Carolina Pool Plastering,in Charlotte NC you can expect that your Charlotte, NC pool will look like new with our pool remodeling and pool repair services!


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