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Swimming pool construction is a huge job, but when clients know what to expect it goes much more smoothly. After permits and approvals are pulled comes the digging.Reputable pool builders like Carolina Pool Plastering want their clients to know that it may seem to be a messy, and noisy, job at first, but it won’t be long before you are swimming in your pool and all of that is in the past!

Swimming pool construction begins with a big hole

Swimming pool construction starts with the big hole in your backyard. That’s right, excavation. Pool contractors will come into your backyard with loud machines and create a big pit. Don’t worry, though, this part doesn’t last long, and the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering will do everything they can to keep the mess to a minimum. Once the excavation is complete, walls and braces will be put in and then pool companies will either pour concrete or spray shotcrete.

Shotcrete is an inexpensive, durable, attractive wet mix method of application and most clients prefer this method to poured concrete. Pool contractors like shotcrete’s ease of application and compatibility with almost all types of tile.

Plumbing and electrical wiring is put into place, and then comes the plaster. Not all pool companies use plaster, but the experts at Carolina Pool Plastering prefer to use plaster because unlike pool liners, it won’t bubble and it creates an attractive, even coating on your swimming pool.

Swimming pool decks come in variety of materials

Swimming pool construction also involves deck construction. Most clients will go with a concrete deck, but there are so many options on the market today to consider. Rock, stones, composite materials, wood and stamped concrete are a few options that Charlotte clients have chosen for their swimming pool decks. Carolina Pool Plastering is experienced in installing all kinds of decks, and is happy to discuss all of your options.

After the deck is installed, the final phase of swimming pool construction involves landscaping. If you have chosen a shotcrete pool that winds around your backyard like a pond, you may want to consider more lush, natural landscaping to enhance this look. If you are going for a modern, stamped concrete style, consider uniform landscaping materials that contain contemporary geometric elements. Maybe you want to choose decking that will allow the pool to be the focus, so you might want to use sparse landscape design. This is fine, too! Remember, you have as many options in decking and landscaping as you do in pool designs.

Swimming pool construction is a real job, and it may get messy and loud at first, but in the end you are left with a beautiful swimming pool that will add years of summer fun for your family! If you are ready to talk about swimming pool installation, call the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering today and tell them your ideas about your dream pool. These Charlotte pool builders have an excellent reputation for quality work, from start to finish, and will make your swimming pool installation a breeze!


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