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Pool installation
Now that the holiday season is over, it is time to plan for swimming pool construction and renovation. One of best parts of the summer season is backyard pool parties. There is no doubt that the swimming pool area is great place to throw a party. The best time to throw your parties is at night, and the best place is around the pool with terrific lighting. Pool builders know that your pool is a great focal point for entertainment, and keep this in mind when creating a plan for your pool construction or renovation. There was a time when lighting consisted of a few boring white lights in the swimming pool. Today, LED lighting adds a myriad of colors and configurations to enhance your backyard and swimming pool.

Energy efficient pool lighting

Lighting a swimming pool at night can be very expensive, but technology offers energy efficient options that help keep pool costs down. LED lighting is an energy efficient option that seems to be made for swimming pools. LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. LED is a semiconductor light source that cut your electricity usage by up to 80 percent. Add LED lighting to every aspect of your backyard to cut your energy usage and save money in the long run.

Pool and hot tub lighting

LED pool lighting is one of the most popular add-ons that pool owners choose when renovating their swimming pool. LED lights come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some are designed to change colors automatically, or with the simple push of a button. Imagine how wonderful it is to change the color of your pool water at night to set a mood for special occasions. Of course, LED lights can be added to a hot tub or as under glow lighting. Lights can be combined with built-in features like bubblers, fountains, and music players.

Lighting around the pool

A well-lit swimming pool means that you can enjoy your landscaping at night as well as in the day. When your backyard and landscaping is illuminated, you can move the party from one location to another around the swimming pool. Flood lights from the ground upward on trees to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, even at night. White flowers can magically change colors under the effect of LED lighting. A Charlotte pool company can help you to realize that backyard landscaping is much more than plants and flowers. For example, highlight your pool with rope lighting around the perimeter of the pool deck. Rockery, waterfalls, and lighting can make your pool a desirable place even when you are not swimming.

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering has been serving pool owners in Charlotte, NC for nearly 25 years. Originally founded for servicing the local area, Carolina Pool Plastering has expanded its servicing areas to all over the East Coast. The pool company is known for offering high quality and individualized work. They hold a long list of renovation customers that are more than satisfied. Call them today to discuss your swimming pool construction and renovation.


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