What season you plan swimming pool construction and renovation can make a difference on the price

Swimming pool construction and renovation in progress
Most swimming pool installation and repair work is done during the warm months of the year.  If you are flexible on your construction or renovation schedule, you may be able to save a great deal of money by doing this type of pool contracting work in the fall or cooler months.  Pool companies tend to be very busy during the prime swimming season, so have no real incentive to lower their prices.  When it cools off, though, not as many people are hiring pool contractors, so they may be willing to negotiate on their swimming pool construction and renovation pricing.

Where you build your pool can also impact the cost

The type of soil in your selected pool construction area can dramatically impact the cost of swimming pool construction and renovation.  Hard, dense clay soil is much more difficult to work with than soil that is sandy and loose.  Even though you typically cannot change the type of soil in your yard, there are certain considerations which can help keep the swimming pool construction and renovation project costs as low as possible.

Select the most level and flattest part of the yard or site.  If this is not possible and you must construct the pool on a slope or hillside, pool contractors must take special precautions during the swimming pool construction or renovation to prevent the pool from caving inward.  Discuss these possibilities with pool companies to get an idea of the cost impacts and to ensure potential pool companies are aware of all factors which could impact pricing.  Be sure to get an estimate that addresses every possible consideration and be sure to get everything in writing before signing a contract for pool installation or renovation.

It is also important to remember to include everything the pool will require when you are developing your budget and ongoing maintenance costs estimates.  These include more than just the swimming pool construction and renovation costs.  You must also factor in safety fencing, increased patio or deck space, landscaping, and decorative tiles or other enhancements.

Choosing the right location will provide maximum fun

Installing a new pool may be the single biggest investment you make in upgrading your home.  To get the most out of this major financial decision, ensure the pool is placed in the best location possible.  The single best decision you can make to maximize your family’s enjoyment of the pool is to place it in a sunny area.  If a pool is placed too close to the trees, they not only block the sunlight, but will also send large amounts of leaves into the pool making it a nightmare to keep clean.  A pool located in direct sunlight is also less expensive to heat, since the sun will help to naturally keep the water warm.

For help and advice on swimming pool construction and renovation, call one of Charlotte’s best pool contractors, Carolina Pool Plastering.  Their experienced staff will work with you to ensure your pool project goes smoothly and quickly so you and your family can get into the water.  When you are ready to begin your swimming pool construction and renovation, give them a call.


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