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Choose the best charlotte contractor for your Charlotte pool installation

The benefits of your own pool

Pool installation
It will not be long before the warmer weather rolls into the Charlotte area, and homeowners are already considering the benefits of a pool installation in their backyard. Installing a pool is an excellent way to increase the beauty and value of your home. However, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration as you finally commit yourself. Your Charlotte pool builders can help you

Know your environment

Purchasing a new home brings about many different changes in your life all at once. All of a sudden, your family is living in an unfamiliar location, your children may be attending a new school, and you need to complete a lot of projects to get your house in order. Even if you purchased your home with the intent of building a pool; you should get to know your new neighborhood and all the changes that come with it before starting a major pool installation project. Undergoing so much major change in such a short period of time can increase stress and place a strain on your family budget.

Consider lifestyle and climate

Before you install a pool, you should also think carefully about how you will use your pool is a very important factor in the design and style of your pool. You must also consider how climate plays a role in your pool design. For example, warmer climates will allow for more pool time than cooler areas. Cooler areas will require a more robust heater. Most importantly, homeowners should consider their schedules and lifestyle. Will you need evening lighting around your pool for early morning and late night swimming? The people who hold the highest amount of satisfaction with their pools are those who have sufficient time to enjoy it with family and friends.

Building at the right time

One of the most important decisions that a homeowner needs to make is choosing the best time for installation. Depending on your project, the installation process can take a month or more. It is important to choose a period of time that your family will not be inconvenienced by not being able to use the yard. Building a pool is much more difficult when the ground is frozen, so schedule the installation during warmer weather when the temps are above freezing in order to reduce the chance of delays. Building the right pool will provide your family with years of fun and entertainment. Taking the time to research your project will allow you to make an informed and wise decision.

One of the best pool builders in Charlotte, NC

pool installationCarolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, its tile, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for decks. They can help you with inspired ideas that will create a pool with enticing comfort zones, and extend your entertainment space. Retaining walls require special skill and experience that only comes from years in the business. A swimming pool can only increase the value of your home or business. To learn more about swimming or maintenance, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte, NC.


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Swimming pool construction and renovations are easy with the right contractor

Prepping for Installation

Swimming pool construction and renovation outcome
When preparing for swimming pool construction and renovation, there are so many factors to consider. In some ways, building or renovating a pool can be just as involved as when you buy a home. For new swimming pools, you must make very specific decisions about the location of your pool. Factors such as underground utilities, soil conditions, water table and several other factors will determine your choices for pool location. Most homeowners want to be able to use a certain spot in their yard. Because of this, it is essential that you choose a pool that is the proper size for the space. If you pool is too large, the amount of space left in the yard may not even be usable.

So many decisions to make

You may even be surprised by how many different options are available for pool installation or renovation. Decisions will need to be made regarding the size of your pool and there are a countless number of shapes and configurations to consider. You will also need to decide on the type of pool surface. Will you want a smooth concrete or a tile mosaic? Speaking of tile, you will need to choose the type of material for your backsplash. Will you utilize regular chlorination or a salt water system? You will even need to choose the location of stairs, ladders, and diving boards.

Contacting pool builders

Installation and construction of an in-ground pool is a significant task. It is crucial that you hire the best swimming pool professional in Charlotte to perform the construction. Select a company that is licensed and insured; be sure to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau and also follow their online reviews to see if their customers are satisfied with their work.

Make sure that you obtain detailed and written quotes from no less than three companies so that you can compare their bids. Never be afraid to let the pool companies know that you are shopping around for the best value. It is a good idea to have them all give you a bid on the same materials and features. This includes chlorination systems, heaters, and types of tile. It is also important that you ask for references from customers in the past year.

One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to maintain, repair, and renovate your swimming pool. This includes the deck, tile, and any surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for renovations. A beautiful pool will create a marvelous comfort zone and extend your entertainment space. You can be sure that the installation of a swimming pool will increase the value of your home or business. Call Carolina Pool Plastering for a consultation and an estimate for swimming pool construction and renovation as soon as possible.


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Most reliable Charlotte pool contractors offer ideas to save money

Maximizing your pool budget by finding the right pool contractor

Most reliable pool contractors
The most reliable pool builders in Charlotte understand that owning a pool carries an ongoing expense. They understand that modern technology allows us to save energy and money on everything from light bulbs to major appliances, and your swimming pool is no different. The bottom line is that you have alternatives when it comes to saving energy and money while you enjoy your pool. Additionally, you will be happy to learn that it is easy to do. This article will provide you with innovative tips on how to save energy and money so that you can enjoy your pool as much as possible.

Regularly Check Your Pool Equipment

If your pool equipment and devices are not in top working condition, they will tend to consume higher amounts of energy just to perform necessary pool functions. You should have your Swimming pool equipment and devices checked every other month, or at least once a quarter. The most important equipment and devices for you to check are your pool pump and water filters, your cleaning machine, heaters, and if applicable, your chlorine generator system. You also need to check all electrical connections, plumbing, fitting and light covers. Performing routine checkups on this important equipment will help you prevent short circuits, leaks, and will save on the consumption of energy.

Buy Energy Efficient Pool Products

When you own a swimming pool, whether for your home or business, you need to invest in durable and dependable pool supplies and equipment. Look for periphery products that are ENERGY STAR® rated and avoid high-energy consumption products at all times in order to save money and energy. Check with your Charlotte pool company to learn which brands are the best products to get for your pool that will use very little energy, yet are high quality and dependable. Also be aware that the most expensive products are not always the best products.

Solar pool covers

If you want your pool design and function to aid in water and energy conservation, and to decrease the work load on your filter and heater, you should consider the use of a swimming pool cover. A pool cover helps to prevent dirt and debris from contaminating your pool water. In addition to keeping your swimming pool water looking clean and clear, a pool cover will also save you money and energy because properly made pool covers can help you maintain heat in your pool when the temperature drops outside. This means that your pool heater will work less and subsequently last longer because of your solar pool cover.

Choosing one of the best Charlotte pool companies

Do not be afraid to jump into building your own swimming pool. Talk to the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering, who offers many services that will help homeowners to repair, remodel, and renovate their pool and the surrounding areas. They specialize in providing environmental friendly solutions and have been satisfying customers in Charlotte, NC for many years. Pick up the phone and call one of the most reliable pool builders, for a free consultation and quote.


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Recognizing the best pool builders in Charlotte

Owning your own pool

Best Pool builders working on a swimming pool construction in Charlotte
If you have plans to own a swimming pool, finding the best pool builders in Charlotte is truly a big decision. If your desire is to turn your backyard into you own personal haven, it is important to look for a swimming pool builder who can turn your ideas into the aquatic reality that you have always imagined for yourself and your family.

Find a pool contractor who will work with you

Look for a swimming pool builder in Charlotte, who is eager and excited to make the design phase of building your pool a true joint venture. After all, the pool will be yours to live with, and you should have what you want. The pool builder will have the expertise to guide you through what is practical and what technically matches your dreams. They will also help to make your experience a great one while constructing a pool that will best suit your needs and tastes.

The best Charlotte pool builders are the ones that have been around for decades, gaining valuable experience about constructing pools in this region, and who are committed to building each pool to custom fit the specifications of each individual owner. If you are going to expend the time, effort, and expense to build a pool for your home or business, it does not make sense to install some kind of cookie-cutter design, and you should get exactly what you want.

Custom swimming pool design

If you settle for anything less than a professional swimming pool designer with a lot of experience, you are very likely to be disappointed with the final results. Your customized swimming pool will be the focal point of your backyard design, but it will only be one facet of it. An experienced, professional swimming pool contractor will ensure that your pool suits your tastes, fits in with your landscaping and home design, and leaves room for style changes or renovation projects in the future. Perhaps you would like to build your pool this year, and in a year or two, add a spa or outdoor kitchen. The possibilities are endless and the choices are yours, the most important step will be in finding a reliable and reputable pool company.

A top pool builder in Charlotte, NC

Quality is indeed the most important factor to keep in mind when you are looking for the best swimming pool contractors in Charlotte, NC. Do your research and discover the company that can build the pool of your dreams. In your search to find the best pool companies in the Carolinas, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They are an experienced company that offers many services, including repair and renovation of your existing pool and its surrounding areas. To learn more about Carolina Pool Plastering, put them on your list as one of the best pool builders in Charlotte for a consultation and renovations.


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Yearly inspection and tile repair for your pool or deck

Yearly inspections

Mr. Deaton has worked in the pool business since 1982
Tile repair for your pool or deck is often necessary because swimming pool tiles are always under harsh exposure to the elements. Your swimming pool should receive yearly inspection and maintenance in order to keep your pool looking new and in order to reduce costly repairs in the future. A tiled pool provides a very beautiful and durable surface that may need to be repaired as your pool ages.

Your annual pool inspection should be performed by a Charlotte pool company that has been maintaining tiled pools for several years. Before the swimming season, the pool contractor will come in to drain the pool. Once the pool is drained, they will inspect the tiles for any loose tiles or grout. They will also clean the tile in the pool and remove visible debris as well as bacteria, dirt and grime. Whenever necessary, they will replace missing tiles, repair the pool original surface, and loose grout.

Tile is versatile

Tile is always the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking for unique, beautiful, and functional pool design. Mosaic tiles are the most popular choice for several reasons. First, they can be designed in an endless variety of patterns and colors. For commercial and public pools, porcelain mosaic tile is chosen because of its durability; but also because it can be customized to represent school and corporate logos. Porcelain tiles are utilized because of its low porosity and high wear rating.

Some tile pools utilize cement formed skeleton with a water proof type of membrane sandwiched between two layers of concrete. Swimming pool tiles are installed over the concrete skeleton, and grouted into place. Some pools have a sheet membrane that is applied directly to the cement skeleton with tile attached to the waterproof membrane. There are also gunite pools and fiberglass pools that are tiled with special products and materials.

Water pH

Maintaining proper water pH is very important. If the pH is not at proper levels, the water will break down the cement products such as cement based grout, which will eventually wash out between the tiles. Once the grout is washed away, the adhesive and base will start to deteriorate. The end result is loose or missing tiles. It is best to use a latex modified adhesive, which will improve tile adhesion and help hold up tile integrity when the pool expands and contracts. When the pool repairs are completed, your Charlotte pool builders will recommend the proper care that must be followed in order to achieve maximum results.

One of the top pool companies in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, tile and the surrounding areas. If your swimming pool is becoming an eyesore, or is in need of repair, they are available to restore and transform your pool to a place of beauty. They offer eco-friendly solutions to prep the surface of your pool prior to its renovation. Carolina Pool Plastering can provide you with many options for your deck and decorative additions to your pool. They take pride in offering quality and individualized work, ensuring that each customer is more than satisfied. To learn more about tile repair for your pool or deck, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte NC, for a consultation and quote.


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Tips for the best tile installation for your pool or deck

Modern designs for your pool

Tile installation currently in-progress by Carolina Pool Plastering
Tile installation for your pool or deck is the best way to turn your backyard into a delightful living area. A myriad of modern designs are available to make swimming pools decorative and unique. Regardless of the structure, shape, and depth of your pool; you will experience a host of cosmetic options. No matter what may be your personal taste, you can find something that you will want to install. The bulk of swimming pool tiles are either ceramic or porcelain. They are available in a variety of textures, so you have a choice in tiles from smooth to coarse. The best choices are a combination of safety, style and functionality.

Safety is a priority

Whatever the final choice, your pool and deck tile should always be slip resistant. The area around your swimming pool will often be wet, and you will need a surface that will protect you and your family from the hazards of slipping. Tiles that are intended for the outside of the pool, or in any areas where people will be walking; should be treated or designed to resist accidental slipping. In an effort to maintain your new look, choose swimming pool tiles that are resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. You will also want to make sure that they are not adversely affected when exposed to freezing temperatures. Especially after the recent winters we have experienced in Charlotte.

Find a reputable pool contractor

Reputable pool companies will be able to offer a recommendation for a supplier of swimming pool tile at the most affordable prices. You can also check with home improvement centers or pool supply stores. They will be able to recommend tile selections that are inspected for safety before it is sold. Your pool builders will help you develop a budget for the pool. You can decide just how much you are able to spend, and select styles that will not put you over budget. Installing pool tile is a continuation of your investment in your home. Protect that investment by selecting tile that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Keep in mind that the tiles that you will choose for your wall and pool area will be different from the surface on the floor of the pool. Swimming pool tiles can build-up scum which may require the periodical use of an abrasive cleaner. Before you choose a tile, ask your pool contractor about methods and chemicals that should be used to clean them. Before you actually purchase your tiles, ask for samples so that you can get an idea of how they will look in your pool area. Be sure to view the tiles in both daylight and when your pool is under nighttime lighting.

Swimming pool renovation for your pool or deck in Charlotte, NC

Adding or replacing your swimming pool tile requires the expertise of an experienced and reputable pool contractor. Pool repair and renovation is a complex undertaking and if you are unfamiliar with any of the Charlotte pool companies, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They understand that your pool is a permanent feature of your home. Pool builders need to be experienced and competent because their work must last for decades. To learn more about tile installation for your pool or deck, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte NC, for a consultation and quote.


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A new pool deck can transform Charlotte swimming pools

Transform your swimming pool

New pool deck
A new pool deck can totally transform a swimming pool. Have you ever looked at the pool of a neighbor or friend and it impressed you as extraordinarily beautiful? What was it that was so impressive about their pool area? The secret to owning a striking and inspiring pool goes far beyond clean blue water. That is just the beginning of the pool. The character, ambiance, and beauty is in the presentation of the area surrounding the pool and the pool deck.

Creative use of tile and pavers

If you pictured a poolside with elaborate and ornate fountains and statues, it is really much more simple and affordable. Creative use of tile and pavers can complete or renovate your pool deck area that will have a fabulous effect for your pool. Not only can it be a harmonizing extension of your home décor, but it also can give your backyard a uniquely individual look, that cannot be found anywhere else in your neighborhood. There are countless types of tile and pavers that you can use. There is no limit to the colors, shapes and textures that are available. In addition to a myriad of choices, they can also be found in materials that can fit almost any budget. Some common examples of economical tiles and pavers would be concrete, natural stone and manufactured aggregates.


Pavers are different from tiles because they are interlocking, to create a continuous and uniform surface. Man- made brick is a common decking material that is used around swimming pools. Paver designs have evolved with the invention of new colors, textures, and materials. Pavers are ideal for almost any shaped pool; and many owners use them to make your dream backyard and outdoor experience come to life. Pavers also are very effective for allowing water drainage and minimizing the penetration of moisture into the material.

Consult with pool builders

No matter which material that you decide to use, take into consideration all the options for color and texture that will complement your home architecture as well as your landscaping. Talk to one of the top Charlotte pool builders to help you find the perfect blend to tie it all in with your swimming pool features. They can advise you on the best materials to use based upon your input regarding the frequency of your use, weather exposure, and other factors for wear and tear. They can advise you on preventive maintenance, as well as how easily the material can be repaired or replaced if damaged.

Consider one of the leading pool companies in Charlotte, NC

If you should choose to hire one of the Charlotte pool companies to help you design and renovate your pool deck, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They can transform your pool to its original splendor, or create a jaw dropping backyard oasis. Talk to them about the many solutions they offer for decks. A beautiful deck will extend your entertainment space and raise the value of your home or business. Carolina Pool Plastering takes pride in offering quality custom work, ensuring that customers are completely satisfied. Call them to find out more about getting a new pool deck.


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Avoid these critical mistakes with your Charlotte pool installation

Time to plan for pool installation

Pool installation
As we begin to venture out of our winter dens and snow bunkers, we turn our attention to plans for swimming pool installation. Remember those sweltering days of last summer? They are sure to return, no matter how cold and miserable it was just a few weeks ago. When the weather is warm, no one wants to spend all day behind closed doors. We cannot wait to get some leisure time where we can play golf, or go fishing, but there is nothing better than spending lazy afternoons bathing in the sun and cooling off in your own private pool.

Swimming pools carry more value on top of being a great way to relax. Properly designed and quality built pools can increase the market value of your home. Swimming pool installation is no light undertaking. In this article, we hope to help you avoid the mistakes that so many new pool owners have made over the years. Consider the following items on our list:

Overlooking safety measures

Swimming pools can be as dangerous as they are fun when owners overlook basic safety measures. The best pool builders will be insistent upon establishing safety features that meet or exceed local laws. This includes fencing and other barriers that should be minimal when you have the pool installed. There are other features that they can advise you about; such as drain covers or pool covers. When it comes to building swimming pools, safety is never to be overlooked.

Do not underestimate the mechanics

Close your eyes and imagine your pool… what do you see? You are probably envisioning crystal blue water, sparkling tile, and fantastic pool furniture. The important point here is that your pool must not only look good, it has to work well. Ask your contractor to explain your filtering and heating equipment, and why they chose that particular equipment. Your pool can only be enjoyed if it is working properly. A quality swimming pool can add up to 7 percent to the market value of your home.

Choosing your pool builders based on price alone

It is always wise to live within your means, and you should have a budget for your pool construction as well as your monthly or annual maintenance. However, if you choose your pool builders based on the cheapest estimate, your chances are greater that your pool construction will be sub-par. It is compulsory that you get bids and consultations from at least three pool contractors in order to get a good idea of the cost of building your swimming pool. Be sure to make your decision based upon the reputation of the company with the best customer referrals.

The best of the Charlotte pool companies

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel Charlotte swimming pools. This includes construction and renovation of your pool deck and drain areas. If you are considering a pool to make your home more beautiful and more fun, call their office for a consultation and quote. Sit down to talk to them about the best way to plan for your swimming pool installation.


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Safety features from the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte

Designing a safe pool in Charlotte

Most reliable pool contractors
The most reliable pool contractors will make sure that your design includes important safety features because no responsible pool owner wants to see an accident occur. Alarmingly, the reality is that nearly 10 people drown every day in the United States. If you decide to become a pool owner, the most reliable pool builders in Charlotte will make sure that you know all the dangers of owning a pool. With this knowledge, you will be able to plan and design your pool with built in measures that will prevent accidents. The following are suggested safety features that should be integrated into your pool design:

Drain covers

Drain covers are extremely important because they prevent swimmers from getting trapped by the powerful suction created by the pool filter. Uncovered drains that suck water into your filter are most commonly at the bottom of your pool. If a swimmer is unaware of this suction and they put their body on top of the drain, they may end up stuck on the bottom of the pool. A simple drain cover is an extremely affordable way to prevent this accident from happening.

Perimeter fencing

A good fence does more than provide privacy. Your fence is the first line of defense in preventing access to your pool by people who should not be around or in it. Commonly, a four or five foot fence provides adequate protection. Pool owners need to be careful about young children wandering on to your property. A properly built fence should be effective in keeping them away from the pool. The gate should have locking latches in order to ensure that children cannot access the pool area without an adult.

Secondary safety fencing

Pool owners should install a mesh fence or a secondary fence that will effectively keep young children and toddlers away from the pool. These fences are portable and should be set up every time the pool is not in use. Mesh fences attach to strong anchored poles in your patio. This is a second layer of protection against someone accidentally falling into your pool.

Pool alarms

Pool alarms alert swimming pool owners when someone is in or around their pool or spa. This is a great way to get your attention when you are not near the water. There are many styles of pool alarms; your Charlotte pool company can help you to choose between sensors, door alarms and alarmed buoys that warn you when someone enters your pool.

Safety Covers

Not having a safety cover on your pool is like building a house without adding a roof. In addition to being a barrier that keeps people from falling into your pool, pool covers keep your pool clean from leaves and debris. They also provide a secure barrier between your pool and anyone who may fall in.

Pool covers can be made of both mesh and/or solid materials. Tight fitting covers prevent children from falling into your pool. Be sure to order a style in which a special tool is needed to release the springs that keep the cover safely in place.

A top pool builder in Charlotte, NC

Safety is indeed the most important factor to keep in mind when you are looking for the best swimming pool contractors in Charlotte, NC. Do your research and discover the company that can build the pool of your dreams. In your search to find the best pool companies in the Carolinas, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They are an experienced company that offers many services, including repair and renovation of your existing pool and its surrounding areas. To learn more about Carolina Pool Plastering, put them on your list as one of the most reliable pool contractors for a consultation and quote.


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The best pool builders site great reasons to have a pool

Building a swimming pool in Charlotte

Best Pool builders
If you consult with the best pool builders in the Charlotte area, you will come to know if a swimming pool is the right choice for your family. If your motivation for building a swimming pool or spa because your coworker, neighbor, or friend has one, you probably should re-consider. Building and maintaining a swimming pool, is a financial and logistical major undertaking. You should not build a pool on a whim or for the sake of keeping up with the neighbors.

A swimming pool is a major addition to your home. It will dramatically alter the face of your landscaping. It is a natural and complete change of your lifestyle and your home environment. You will find yourself involved in more entertaining of guests, more time with your family, and certainly getting more exercise. Building or buying a pool is a major investment that improves the value of your home and the quality of your lifestyle; the following are more great reasons to own a swimming pool:

Encourages family togetherness – A swimming pool becomes a fun and relaxing space for your children and your family to spend time together. It becomes a central gathering point for teens, encouraging them to have fun without ever leaving the backyard. The whole family will spend leisure time together.

Improve your health and lose weight– There is no need to get in your car and drive to the gym when you build your own pool. Research shows that swimming is one of the best ways to achieve a total body workout with a minimal risk for injury. Swimming is also a great and fun way to lose weight.

Stress relief – When you get home from a long day at work, or if you need to escape from your hectic lifestyle; you can always take a relaxing dip in your pool in order to unwind. Your time in the water helps your body to relax and get rid of stress. Swimming is such a good workout that you should even sleep better.

Increase the Value of Your Home – Real estate studies have shown that building a swimming pool increases the value of your home by as much as 15%. It also makes your property more desirable to prospective buyers. If you should decide to sell your home, a swimming pool in the backyard may be the difference between selling your home quickly, and letting it linger on the market.

Choosing one of the best Charlotte pool companies

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services that will help homeowners to repair, remodel, and renovate their pool and the surrounding areas. They specialize in providing environmental friendly solutions and have been satisfying customers in Charlotte, NC for many years. To learn how to choose the best pool builders, call them for a free consultation and quote.


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