Pool companies and winter maintenance

Tile installation for your pool or deck
In order to preserve that beautiful tile installation for your pool or deck, it is important to properly maintain your pool over the winter months. Once swimming season is over, it is crucial that you winter-proof your pool. Homeowners must make sure that pool companies perform maintenance that ensures that your pool tile will be safe after freezing temperatures arrive. This way, as soon as swimming season returns, your pool will be ready to go.

Installing the right tiles

Countless pool owners complain about pool tiles that crack during the winter. Cracked pool tiles are commonly the result of pressure caused by incorrect water levels. Another culprit could be a damaged bond beam. Believe it or not, many pools have been constructed with tiles that may not be frost-free. This is usually an oversight of the pool builders. Not all pool tiles are designed to endure winter. They are still pool tiles, but they are designed to be installed on indoor pools or pools in tropical or warm climates. During the tile installation for your pool or deck, it is crucial that you double-check that the tiles are appropriate for the climate and exposure.

Inspect the expansion joints

The expansion joints in the pool are a critical feature to make allowance for changes in temperature. Expansion joints should be periodically inspected to ensure that the caulking on the joint does not wear down and crack over time. Be sure that it is properly sealed long before winter arrives. If not, water will get in through the joint and behind the tiles. When the water freezes, it will expand and cause the tile to break or pop off. It is also possible that water can freeze in the expansion joint itself, which is also a common cause of loose and broken tiles. Frozen water in the expansion joint also leads to beam damage.

Keep the proper water level

Water level is probably the most important factor in preparing your pool for winter. If the water level is too high, your pool tiles will certainly be damaged once the freezing weather arrives. This is because the surface water expands and places a tremendous amount of pressure against the tiles, causing them to crack or break. It is advisable that you keep your pool water level a reasonable distance below the tile line in an effort to prevent any damage.

Winter season definitely is a harsh environment for pools, and it is the time of year when pools suffer the most damage. Calling in a pool maintenance company will provide a professional service that can spot any potential problems in your pool before they become actual problems that cost you money. If your pool tiles do fall off, call in pool contractors to assess the situation and make their professional recommendation.

One of the top pool companies for tile installation in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and install your pool tile. If your swimming pool is in need of tile repair or if you are simply seeking a reliable pool contractor for regular maintenance, they are available to restore and transform your pool to a place of beauty. To learn more about tile installation for your pool or deck, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte NC, for a consultation and quote.


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