Finding pool companies for tile repair

Tile repair for your pool or deck
When it comes to tile repair for your pool or deck, the damaged tile is usually the result of some other underlying problem. It takes a lot of work to maintain a pool, and the average homeowner needs professional help from reputable pool companies. The problem of pools losing tiles is a very common occurrence. There are a number of reasons for pool tile to break loose; consider the list of causes below:

Expansion joint failure

The purpose of your expansion joint is to isolate the pool from the deck because they are stressed by different forces. If this expansion joint is improperly installed or poorly constructed, the end result is dislodged or broken tiles. Repairing the tiles is relatively inexpensive, but if you do not correct the problem with the expansion joint, the tile problem will continue to exist.

Extreme weather

Whenever something freezes, it contracts. When something is heated, it expands. This natural phenomenon is called the freeze/ thaw cycle. Even if your pool would not move very much because of temperature, you can be sure that the deck or the earth that surrounds it does.

Pool damage

Cracks or structural damage to your pool can be the cause of a tile loss problem. There are many different reasons for structural damage and cracking. It can be anything from defective materials to settling earth. It is vitally important to properly maintain your pool. Reduce weather related damage by keeping your pool filled to the proper water levels, especially in the winter.

Deck problems

Problems with your deck can be the most common problem for broken or loose tiles in your pool. Your deck is also much more prone to temperature expansion and contraction than your pool. It is important to make sure that your deck is always in good condition. If it is constructed out of wood, make sure that it is regularly treated so that the wood does not absorb water or experience drastic changes in the freeze/thaw cycle.

Tile repair for your pool or deck in Charlotte, NC

Replacing your tile is more than just a cosmetic fix for your pool. You want to hire an experienced and reputable pool contractor because pool repair and renovation is a complex undertaking. It is advisable to hire a pool contractor that has experience building, designing, maintaining, and renovating pools. If you are unfamiliar with any of the Charlotte pool companies, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They understand that your pool is a permanent feature of your home. Your pool builders need to be experienced and competent because their work must last for decades. Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, tile, and surrounding areas. To learn more about tile repair for your pool or deck, contact Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC, for a consultation and quote.


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