Preparation for renovation for your Charlotte Pool

Best Charlotte Pool builders
When you decide it is time for a face lift for your Charlotte swimming pool, determine your budget and make a list of the best pool builders for the renovation. Here we will briefly discuss the importance of making good use of your money and proper planning to renovate your pool.

Get your estimates

After you have determined how much money you will spend in the project, the next step is to get estimates for your pool renovations. The first conversation that you should have with prospective pool contractors is to determine what is needed versus what is desired. Unless you are wealthy and have unlimited income most people need a budget for what they intend to spend on their renovation. For example, you may need new water line tile and new interior pool finish (plaster, Pebble, etc.). However, you may desire a covered outdoor cook center as well. You will need to develop a prioritized written list. This list may be only 3 or 4 items, or it may be 15 or 20 items. You can rely on a qualified and experienced pool contractor to help you refine and modify the list in a way that makes good sense.

The best pool companies

In order to choose the best pool company, you should call at least three prospective contractors. Set up appointments for them to come out and consult with you regarding your pool, and to leave you a detailed bid for your project. If applicable, ask your friends or neighbors who they used for their swimming pool renovation. Also check with the local Better Business Bureau for each company accreditation.

At your initial meeting you should give each pool contractor a copy of your list, and discuss the deciding factors on your list that will determine total cost. Be sure to accept only bids that are a detailed and itemized breakdown of labor and materials. For example, if you need new plaster, tiles replaced and want to add a fire pit and spa; make sure the pool contractors submit separate numbers for each phase.

A top pool builder in Charlotte, NC

Quality is indeed the most important factor to keep in mind when you are looking for the best swimming pool contractors in Charlotte, NC. Do your research and discover the company that can build the pool of your dreams. In your search to find the best pool companies in the Carolinas, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They are an experienced company that offers many services, including repair and renovation of your existing pool and its surrounding areas. To learn more about Carolina Pool Plastering, put them on your list as one of the most reliable pool builders in Charlotte for a consultation and renovations.


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