Designing a safe pool in Charlotte

Most reliable pool contractors
The most reliable pool contractors will make sure that your design includes important safety features because no responsible pool owner wants to see an accident occur. Alarmingly, the reality is that nearly 10 people drown every day in the United States. If you decide to become a pool owner, the most reliable pool builders in Charlotte will make sure that you know all the dangers of owning a pool. With this knowledge, you will be able to plan and design your pool with built in measures that will prevent accidents. The following are suggested safety features that should be integrated into your pool design:

Drain covers

Drain covers are extremely important because they prevent swimmers from getting trapped by the powerful suction created by the pool filter. Uncovered drains that suck water into your filter are most commonly at the bottom of your pool. If a swimmer is unaware of this suction and they put their body on top of the drain, they may end up stuck on the bottom of the pool. A simple drain cover is an extremely affordable way to prevent this accident from happening.

Perimeter fencing

A good fence does more than provide privacy. Your fence is the first line of defense in preventing access to your pool by people who should not be around or in it. Commonly, a four or five foot fence provides adequate protection. Pool owners need to be careful about young children wandering on to your property. A properly built fence should be effective in keeping them away from the pool. The gate should have locking latches in order to ensure that children cannot access the pool area without an adult.

Secondary safety fencing

Pool owners should install a mesh fence or a secondary fence that will effectively keep young children and toddlers away from the pool. These fences are portable and should be set up every time the pool is not in use. Mesh fences attach to strong anchored poles in your patio. This is a second layer of protection against someone accidentally falling into your pool.

Pool alarms

Pool alarms alert swimming pool owners when someone is in or around their pool or spa. This is a great way to get your attention when you are not near the water. There are many styles of pool alarms; your Charlotte pool company can help you to choose between sensors, door alarms and alarmed buoys that warn you when someone enters your pool.

Safety Covers

Not having a safety cover on your pool is like building a house without adding a roof. In addition to being a barrier that keeps people from falling into your pool, pool covers keep your pool clean from leaves and debris. They also provide a secure barrier between your pool and anyone who may fall in.

Pool covers can be made of both mesh and/or solid materials. Tight fitting covers prevent children from falling into your pool. Be sure to order a style in which a special tool is needed to release the springs that keep the cover safely in place.

A top pool builder in Charlotte, NC

Safety is indeed the most important factor to keep in mind when you are looking for the best swimming pool contractors in Charlotte, NC. Do your research and discover the company that can build the pool of your dreams. In your search to find the best pool companies in the Carolinas, consider Carolina Pool Plastering. They are an experienced company that offers many services, including repair and renovation of your existing pool and its surrounding areas. To learn more about Carolina Pool Plastering, put them on your list as one of the most reliable pool contractors for a consultation and quote.


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