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Most reliable pool contractors
The most reliable pool contractors always stand behind their work. Swimming pool owners should always have a copy of their pool warranties on hand for review. In this article, we will concentrate on concrete pools. Concrete pools are different from vinyl pools and fiberglass pools with regard to warranties because concrete pools are not assembled offsite by a manufacturer, they have a builder. This means that you will not have a manufacturer warranty; you will receive a workmanship warranty from the pool builders.

Equipment warranties

For the sake of definition, pool equipment is considered to be every component that allows the pool to function. This means that filters, pumps, lighting, heaters, salt chlorinators, installed vacuum cleaners, and automated control systems are all components of the pool that should come with some type of warranty from their manufacturer. The pool industry standard for warranties on most pool components is usually one year. Some pool companies have agreements with their equipment manufacturers that can extend their coverage to as many as three years. These components are usually very reliable; however, pool owners need the warranty protection because replacement can be very costly.

Workmanship warranties

A workmanship warranty is the guarantee the pool owners receive from pool contractors who stand behind their own work regardless of the type of pool. The manufacturers of the pool shell (if it is fiberglass or vinyl), and the pool equipment carry their own warranties. The pool builder must warranty the installation of the pool. The workmanship warranty should cover major issues such as electrical work, plumbing leaks, or leaks in the pool deck. This includes structural settlement or movement of the pool or patio because of errant workmanship. The timing and nature of the freeze/thaw cycles can mean that many of these issues will not manifest themselves within the first year after construction. This is why the industry standard from pool builders is one to two years so pool owners are not stuck footing the bill for construction repairs. Pool owners should not overlook the importance of a pool builder’s workmanship warranty. It is the clearest indication of how confident a builder is in their ability to provide quality installation.

Swimming pool construction and renovation in Charlotte, NC

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