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Pool companies are an important part of the swimming pool installation process, but how does a homeowner decide which pool builders to go with, and which ones to drop like a hot potato? There are three things homeowners should keep in mind when choosing their pool contractors: Local, full-serviced, and owner-run.

National pool companies not the way to go

We have all seen the ads for national pool companies, and they make a lot of promises, including cost-savings. Often, these national chains work out of a sales office and contract the work of installing your swimming pool to sub-contractors. Most national pool companies only want to get the sale, and that will be your only contact with them. Once the job is begun, homeowners will have to turn to the sub-contractor to resolve issues, or be referred to other local pool builders for aftercare needs. This can work for some people, but most of us want a more personal approach when it comes to our contractors, especially for an expensive job like pool installation. If there are any disputes with the sub-contractor, the national companies will not have a homeowner’s best interests at heart. They already have their money, so why should they do any more work than necessary? Keep this in mind before choosing national pool companies to install your swimming pool.

Local the way to go when it comes to pool companies!

Local pool companies are a great starting point for Charlotte, NC, homeowners who a ready to install a swimming pool. Local pool builders have a vested interest in protecting their company’s reputation, and will work hard to satisfy their clients. The professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering have worked for years in the area, and have a reputation as one of the best pool companies to do your pool installation.

Full-service pool companies do it all

Full service pool companies are the best when it comes to pool installation, as well as pool remodeling and repair. You want pool contractors who are in charge of the process from start to finish. From the first dig to the final phase of installing a pool deck, you want pool builders who are dedicated to providing the best possible experience. Carolina Pool Plastering prides itself on customer service, and will work hard to make sure you are satisfied with your pool services.

Owner-run pool companies stake reputation on satisfied customers

When pool companies are owner-run and operated, it isn’t just their company on the line; they stake their personal reputation on customer satisfaction, as well. Dave Deaton of Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC takes pride in providing quality work and some of the best customer service in the Charlotte, NC pool industry. Deaton makes sure that each client is satisfied, and if they aren’t he does his best to make sure he can fix it!

Pool companies are not created equal. When you want a pool remodeling or pool installation, make sure to go local; choose full-service pool contractors; and always opt for owner-run pool companies. If you are ready to talk about your swimming pool project, call Carolina Pool Plastering today and ask Dave Deaton how one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can install the pool of your dreams!


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