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Tile installation for your pool or deck Charlotte, NC, can make a splash or enhance your swimming pool centerpiece. There are a variety of tile choices on the market, as well as mosaic designs to suit the look of your swimming pool. When the professional pool builders at Carolina Pool Plastering sit down with you to discuss tile for your pool and deck, it might be a good idea to know your options ahead of time. This way, you can formulate a plan for installation right away that fits your budget!

The sky’s the limit with tile options for your pool or deck

Installing tile in your pool or deck is not inexpensive; there is an initial investment involved. However, tile remains popular because of its durability, easy replacement, and the wealth of style options available.

When talking about tile, there are hundreds of types of tile in a range of finishes and materials to choose from, including glass, ceramic, porcelain and stone. These are some of the most popular choices when it comes to tile, but the Charlotte pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering can show you a wider variety of styles if you are interested.

Pros and cons of tile installation for your pool or deck

One of the most attractive, and obvious pluses to choosing tile for your pool or deck, is customizability. You can create almost any look imaginable with tile, from creative mosaics to elegant medallion borders. Imagine any color and it has been achieved in tile. Want to place a dolphin in the center of the pool? It’s possible with tile! There are also a number of different textures available with tile, and this is particularly helpful if you have little ones running around the pool deck and you want to prevent slipping.

Of course, with the good there is always some not so good. Tile does require regular maintenance. Unlike most other pool deck choices, it requires grout for installation. Over time, from weather and regular wear and tear, not to mention fruity drink accidents, grout will stain. Carolina Pool Plastering is happy to offer their water blasting service to keep your tile looking fresh as the day it was installed, but this maintenance cost should be figured in when considering tile installation for your pool or deck.

Tile is also more expensive than concrete or other materials. Installation of tile is labor extensive and will take more time to install than other pool or deck choices. Tile can also break or crack, especially if you drop something on top of it. Repairing tile or replacing it is possible, but it is difficult to achieve and can sometimes be costly.

Tile installation for your pool or deck is a fantastic choice, but like anything else, it requires careful consideration. The Charlotte, NC, pool experts are ready to help you with this difficult decision if you are ready for a pool upgrade! Call Carolina Pool Plastering today!


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