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Tile repair for your pool or deck may seem like a simple job, and maybe you’re thinking about tackling it yourself. Well, don’t. Not only is it difficult to find a match for the tile you are repairing or replacing, you may end up creating more problems for yourself than you need, or can afford. Leave tile repair to the professional pool builders at Carolina Pool Plastering, and your pool will once again be a haven from the summer heat wave in no time!

Accuracy essential when repairing or replacing tile

Tile repair for you pool or deck is a job that requires precision and experience. If you think it is easy to match up the tiles you are repairing or replacing, think again. Often, pool contractors will lower the water level or drain a pool to repair tile in the deeper areas because it allows them to get at the area more accurately. When you are investing money in the tile you need to repair, you certainly don’t want to botch the job with tile that is not in line with the other tile on the deck or in the pool!

Re-plastering pool a good time to replace damaged tiles

If your pool is in need of a re-plastering job, it may also be a good time to replace cracked or chipped tiles. At Carolina Pool Plastering, these experienced Charlotte pool builders are happy to come over to your house and take a look at your pool tile. They will offer their recommendations on whether to repair or replace tile and then combine it with the re-plastering job on the entire pool. Homeowners get an entire pool overhaul without having to finish one job and then wait on a different contractor to begin another.

Calcium buildup mars appearance of pool tiles

If you’ve been wondering what that white ring is on your pool tiles, it is calcium deposits from the water. If you have darker tiles in your pool, then you may have noticed these whitish areas before, and wondered what to do about them. If you are tempted to go at them with a scouring pad, don’t! Consider hiring pool contractors with experience in water blasting. This gentle approach to pool cleaning will take away the calcium deposits as well as leave your grout looking good as new without the use of chemicals!

Carolina Pool Plastering has replaced sand blasting with water blasting because it is environmentally-friendly, and doesn’t spew dust and contaminates from the pool’s surface into the air.

If the pool company discovers your tile is too dirty for the benefits of water blasting, they can talk to you about tile repair for your pool or deck. You may even decide on an entirely different, upgraded look for your swimming pool or deck!

Tile repair for your pool or deck is only a phone call away if you live in Charlotte! Contact the professional pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering today and ask about tile repair for your pool or deck!


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