When you need pool tile repair

Pool contractors working on pool tile repair
If you have an in-ground pool with any type of ceramic or glass tiles, it will eventually require some type of pool tile repair.  Depending upon the number of tiles to be removed or repaired, you may need to contact a Charlotte NC pool contractor to do the job.  If there are only one or two tiles needing repair, you may be able to do the work yourself.  If, however your pool needs a larger pool tile repair, such as an overall tile replacement or even a run of several feet, you should really hire a pool contractor to perform the work.

Hiring a pool contractor to do your pool tile repair

If you pool is more than twenty years old, chances are it is time to replace all of the tiles in the pool.  Whether they are above or below the water line, the pool will need to be completely emptied and clean before any pool tile repair or replacement can start.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor is specialized in repairing and replacing pool tiles.  They can do pool tile repairs quickly, saving you time and money.  They have the right equipment and skills to ensure the job is done correctly so it does not have to be repeated in a year or two.

Pool tile repair

If your pool only requires a few pool tile repairs, the job will not take too long.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will begin by emptying and then completely cleaning and washing down the pool.  This is to ensure there is no dirt or debris which could get into the pool tile repair mortar.  Once the pool is empty and cleaned, the pool contractor will begin loosening and removing any tiles which need to be replaced.  They will use a variety of tools, depending upon how many tiles will be replaced during the pool tile repair.

To do the repair, the pool contractor will first remove the loose tiles using a chisel.  Then they will remove any grout which may be stuck to the tiles, as well as any grout adhering to tiles on either side of the removed tile.   The pool contractor will then carefully inspect the pool wall or bed behind the tile just removed.  They will look for flaking or loose materials and will build up the bed, if necessary to create a smooth surface even with the next tile.

Ensuring a good pool tile repair

The area behind the removed tile is called the beam.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will inspect the beam, looking for cracks or chips.  Cracks are typically the reason for tiles to loosen in the first place.  If there is extreme damage to the beam, a pool tile repair may only last a year or two since there are larger issues with the pool’s construction.  Should the beam damage be significant, a pool contractor may recommend additional repairs such as removing coping stones and replacing a wall.  If the beam is missing chunks of material or is uneven, the pool contractor can use hydraulic cement or pool plaster to create a smooth base for doing the pool tile repair.

One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC is Carolina Pool Plastering.  When you need a pool tile repair, give them a call.


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