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Pool installation may seem like a great idea while you’re wading through crowds of people at the public pool, but it requires careful thought and planning before hiring pool builders. A swimming pool installation is no small undertaking and will mean lots of changes, from the look of your backyard to loss of free time maintaining those crystal clean waters. Here are some things the professional pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering want you to think about before deciding on a swimming pool installation in your Charlotte, NC backyard.

Why do I want a swimming pool?

It may seem like a simple question to ask, but knowing why you want a swimming pool can help you decide on the type of swimming pool you will have installed by your trustworthy pool contractors, as well as whether or not you really need a swimming pool at all. Do you envision having guests over to dine and socialize around the pool, or are you planning to use the pool purely for exercise and swimming laps? Is your pool going to be the center of busy family activity, or will you use it to unwind and relax after a hard day at work?

Some of your answers to the question of why you want a swimming pool will lead you to the next question to ask before deciding on a pool installation:

What shape and size pool do you want?

There’s nothing like the beauty of a pool that blends into lush landscaping, a Zen oasis to float in on a lazy Sunday morning. Unless you have four active kids and a Labrador who can’t resist using that gentle waterfall your pool contractors installed as a waterslide! You may want to consider a more family friendly version of this dream oasis, and that’s where it pays to do your homework before calling pool companies. Think about how your pool will be used and then look at all of your pool installation options. At Carolina Pool Plastering, clients often have ideas already in hand when they go into this reputable pool contractor to discuss their plans.

Oh, yeah, money 

When deciding on whether or not to go with a swimming pool installation, most homeowners forget that once the swimming pool is in the ground, up and running, there will still be lots of maintenance and upkeep to keep it clean and inviting. All of this costs money. And time. And don’t forget, time is money. So, not only should you think about your budget when it comes to choosing the details of your swimming pool, remember to factor in the cost of maintenance. If you are too busy to keep up with testing the pH in your pool, vacuuming, adding chlorine, and all the other odds and ends required of maintaining your pool, you may want to consider a pool service. And this will cost you more money. This is not to discourage homeowners from installing the pool of their dreams. But, facing the realities of what happens after a swimming pool installation will ensure you are making the right decision for your lifestyle and family.

Pool installation is best left to experienced professionals, like the pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering. This well-known, locally owned pool company has a reputation for excellent service and top of the line pool installation. Give Carolina Pool Plastering a call today at 704-529-8177 if you are ready to discuss the ins and outs of swimming pool installation at your Charlotte home!


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