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Get your pool ready with quality pool tile repair

Performing pool tile repair to get your pool ready for swimming season

Pool tile repair - Charlotte, NC
As the weather warms up, homeowners are beginning to get their backyard pools ready for swimming season.  As they inspect their pools for damage after the winter, may find they need to do some pool tile repair before opening their pool to family and friends.  Often, cold weather will cause pool tiles to crack or loosen and it is important that these tiles be repaired or replaced before people start swimming in the pool.

When doing pool tile repair, it is possible to simply replace tiles if they are at the waterline.  Homeowners may also want to repair or replace any coping tiles at the same time.  This is because repairing or removing coping tiles may cause other tiles to fall off, so it is best to do these repairs at the same time.  In Charlotte NC, one of the best pool tile repair companies to call is Carolina Pool Plastering. Their expert staff has seen just about every type of pool tile issue and know how to repair it.

The purpose of pool tile

Most of the time, pool tile is used around the water line of the pool disguising the bathtub ring which can form when water levels vary because of evaporation or bather load.  Other uses for tile include mosaics and designs throughout the pool and even covering the entire interior of the pool.  Some homeowners consider removing the water line tile, especially when they live in an area with colder winters.  The freeze/thaw cycle can be hard on tiles, resulting in pool tile repair almost every year.  Pool tile also hides many issues, especially on a gunite pool.  If there were no tiles on the edge and/or rim of a marcite or gunite pool, the homeowner may find themselves dealing with chipping or cracking along the frost line, as well as seeing an ugly ring around the water’s edge.

Weather and pool tile repair

Even with the best pool tile repair or installation, there are certain climates which wreak havoc on pool tile.  In the Charlotte NC area, most winters are mild.  There are times, however when the area gets a hard freeze and then a quick thaw and homeowners find themselves with loosened or cracked pool tiles.  Depending upon how harsh the cold weather becomes, pool tiles can begin loosening or cracking within a year of installation.  Pool tiles may also be affected by pool chemicals which can pit or etch the surface of the tiles.  While the finished surface of the pool, including pebble, marcite or other finishes can last up to 20 years or more, pool tiles will most likely need some type of pool tile repair almost every year.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can repair or replace pool tiles and return your pool to a beautiful state, ready for the next swimming season.


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What you need to know about a swimming pool construction and renovation project

swimming pool construction and renovation by pool contractorsThe facts about a swimming pool construction and renovation project

If you already have a pool, it is important to keep it maintained and in good shape. Since a swimming pool represents a major investment, it is important to keep it good repair. Over time, you may discover that your pool will need major repairs. Or perhaps, you will want to upgrade your pool by adding new features or even by changing the shape of your pool. One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering does all types of pool repair and renovation, from replastering the interior of your pool to repairing your tile or decking.

What are the differences between swimming pool construction and renovation?

Building a new pool is typically major construction, while repairs or remodeling is considered renovation. When a pool is built, everything is new. After time, you may find you want to add extra features such as a water fall or LED lights. You may even want to expand your pool and recreation area by adding a spa.

If you find major repairs to be necessary, such as a leaking pipe or a problem with a heater, you may want to do a swimming pool renovation while you are having the repairs done. It is much easier to expand the pool or add a spa while the pool is torn up for repairs. This is also a good time to add a custom tile design or new pool decking. There are a myriad of options for pool improvements or enhancements. These include automated sprinklers, new lighting, replastering of the swimming pool interior, or upgrading the pool decking to stone or slate.

The best time to complete a swimming pool construction and renovation

In Charlotte NC, the prime swimming season lasts from Memorial Day through just after Labor Day. Most homeowners want to perform swimming pool construction and renovation during the off season, so the best time is usually in the spring or the later fall. The weather is still nice enough to do outdoor work, but the cold weather has not set in. It is a good idea to get estimates from a reliable pool contractor for any swimming pool construction and renovation work. Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to work with you on scheduling a swimming pool construction and renovation. To get started, schedule an appointment to have them come out to your home to discuss what needs to be done and then work with them on a schedule.

No matter what type of swimming pool construction and renovation you may be considering, Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to help. Give them a call today to discuss your swimming pool construction and renovation project.


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How to choose a Charlotte pool company online

Looking for pool companies

Carolina Pool Plastering  pool builders working on swimming pool Many pool owners in this area want to know how to choose a Charlotte pool company. Your swimming pool is a wonderful amenity that substantially increases the value of your home while providing endless hours of fun for you and your family. However, depending on their use, swimming pools can also require several hours of cleaning and maintenance on a weekly basis.

Ask around

Eventually, most pool owners decide to hire a pool cleaning service. Sometimes, the best way to find a reputable pool company is to ask a friend or neighbor for recommendations. It is important that you only deal with companies that have the proper licensing and equipment to properly perform the job. Your Charlotte pool company be licensed by the state and they should also carry liability insurance to protect your home and investment per chance that your pool or yard is accidentally damaged.

Surf for swimming pool companies

For too many years, it was commonplace for pool owners to undertake quite a bit of detective work in order to hire the right pool company. They certainly enquired with friends and family about their own experiences with pool service companies. Today, there are many online review websites, and many swimming pool builders have their very own websites. On most pool builder websites, you can view some of their recent and most important projects, you can read testimonials, and even request more information. Type a company name into one of the search engines available online and you will find consumer review websites such as Epinions or Yelp, which are extremely helpful in giving information about local companies.

The Better Business Bureau

However, if you choose not to surf, you can depend on the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau for a more objective opinion. The Better Business Bureau has been helping consumers find the right service or company for over 100 years. Not only will they rate the best possible pool contractors, they will also let you know who the worse companies are as well. You can access the Better Business Bureau online or you can contact their office in person. Either way, you can be certain that you will gain the honest and unbiased information that will save you lots time, money, and heartache.

Consider one of the leading pool companies in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services for the repair and renovation of your pool, tile and its surrounding areas. Is your swimming pool in need of repair? Carolina Pool Plastering can restore and transform your pool to its original splendor. Starting out only servicing the Charlotte, N.C. area, Carolina Pool Plastering has expanded its servicing area to all of the East Coast. They take pride in offering quality custom work, ensuring that customers are completely satisfied. Contact your swimming pool construction and renovation specialists at Carolina Pool Plasterers and learn how to choose a Charlotte pool company.


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Ready for a new pool deck? Let Carolina Pool Plastering help!

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New pool decks might be in order if your current deck is chipped, missing tiles, or just plain old and unattractive. But where do to begin your search for a new pool deck? A good start is with your trusted pool builders at Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC! Pool companies can tell you all the latest options and designs in pool decks, so you can make the best choice for your budget and lifestyle.

Concrete is a great option for new pool decks

New pool decks come in all shapes and styles, and concrete pool decks can allow you to be as creative as you desire. Concrete pool decks are no longer just one size fits all. Homeowners can choose to have their concrete natural, or even made to resemble slate, stone, or even wood.

Concrete is a durable, slip-resistant choice for a new pool deck. Stamping techniques have been refined in such a manner that concrete decks are often showpieces on their own. Stenciling is another option when it comes to concrete pool decks, particularly if you want to achieve the look of brick without paying the higher cost.

Did you know concrete could be colored? It can! Coloring concrete can either make the deck standout on its’ own, or blend into its surroundings. Multi-tonal effects are possible when layering color using a variety of techniques. Careful thought should be put into the shades you choose with colored concrete. Darker colors will absorb light rays and create a hotter surface than lighter colors. Beige and pastel tones tend to work best with when choosing concrete for a new pool deck, and your pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you make a good decision.

Natural brick and ceramic tiles still popular choices for new pool decks

When it comes to natural elegance and instant harmony with the surroundings, the look of natural brick and ceramic tile can’t be beat. Of course, elegance comes at a cost, and these two choices for your new pool deck might be outside of your budget. But there are benefits to these choices. Brick is long lasting and both are easy to replace if one tile or brick gets cracked or chipped, rather than tearing up an entire deck. When it comes to tile, it is almost the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. Patterns and colors abound and homeowners who want a unique, individualized look to their new pool deck will find it available in the plethora of tile choices.

Charlotte homeowners can still choose wood or even opt for some modern choices in pool decks, including rubber!  Composite decks are the latest trend in new pool deck options. This eco-friendly option is smoother than wood, will not fade or splinter over time, and can be found in a variety of colors, textures and surface designs. Especially attractive to homeowners and pool builders, composite decks are water resistant, and impervious to insects and sunlight.

If you are ready for a new pool deck to jazz up your summer entertaining, call the experts at Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte and ask them about your options! New pool decks are an investment in your home, and quality of life.


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What does your pool deck look like in Charlotte, NC?

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Pool deck choices are almost as important as choosing the type of swimming pool to install in your backyard. Some would even say that a pool deck is the most important choice homeowners will make. Let’s face it: you’re going to spend more time on your pool deck than in the pool, right? So, you want to make sure you choose the right pool deck for your lifestyle and budget.  That’s where pool contractors come in! Trustworthy pool companies like Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC, will consider your budget and lifestyle, as well as your swimming pool design and make pool deck recommendations you can trust.

What are my pool deck options?

Pool decks come in all shapes, styles and materials. Depending on how much maintenance you are willing to do, as well as how little, you can get almost any pool deck imaginable. There are standard pool deck options that pool companies turn to, and these are probably the ones with which you are most familiar: concrete, brick pavers, tile, natural stone, and wood.

Concrete can be plain or stamped

Concrete has come a long way as a design option. Pool decks made of concrete are durable, low-maintenance, and budget friendly. Pool contractors like Carolina Pool Plastering can install concrete that is stamped, stenciled, colored, or exposed aggregate. These are all attractive alternatives to plain concrete, and easy to install with almost no maintenance required.

Brick pavers elegant and timeless

Nothing is more elegant than a paved brick walkway. Imagine an entire pool deck of brick pavers; just beautiful! Pool contractors offer the high-end option of brick pavers because of its durability and aesthetic appeal. Brick pavers are a bit more costly than other pool deck options, largely because of its labor-intensive installation. But, when it comes to timeless beauty and stately elegance, there is nothing more attractive than brick pavers around your pool.

Tile wins pool deck popularity contest

Tile is the clear winner when it comes to popularity of pool deck materials! Tiles are attractive, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. There are so many options with tile, but homeowners should keep in mind that tile tends to retain heat. In Charlotte, tile may not be the best option for the entire pool deck, especially with its hot summers. That doesn’t mean pool owners can’t incorporate tile into their concrete or brick pavers. Ask your pool contractors from Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC how to get the look of tile without sacrificing comfort.

Organic look of wood and natural stone fast becoming trend

Nothing beats the natural look of stone and wood on a pool deck. As pool designs become less geometric and more organic, blending into the natural environment rather than standing out as a focal point, pool decks are following suit. When pool contractors install a pool using shotcrete homeowners can choose pool designs that twist and curve naturally with the landscape, and they look for pool deck materials to also enhance the surrounding flora and fauna. Stone and wood pool decks do this heads and tails above any other materials. Yes, these pool deck options are pricier than concrete. But, when it comes to aesthetics, stone and wood can’t be beat.

If you are ready to discuss pool deck options, make sure you talk to the reliable pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering, and find out how you can make the right choice for your pool and budget!


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Carolina Pool Plastering the pool builders of choice for ADA compliant pools

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Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the Charlotte, NC area’s most reputable pool contractors, has the distinction of being the pool builder to bring the Carowinds Theme Park swimming pool up to ADA compliance. ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act, a civil rights law that prevents the discrimination on the basis of disability. On September 15, 2010, the ADA Guidelines finalized on July 23, 2004 (ADAAG 2004) were signed into law and now require compliance by all Title II (Public Entities) and Title III (Public Accommodations and Commercial Entities). This includes recreation facilities, swimming pools, wading pools and spas.

When one of the South’s hottest theme parks needed to update their pool facilities, they called in the experts at Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC, to lend a hand.

What does ADA compliance mean for public and commercial recreational facilities?

The American with Disabilities Act requires all public and commercial recreational facilities, swimming pools, wading pools and spas to be accessible to those who are disabled. Depending on the facility, it could mean installing a chair lift for those in wheelchairs to gain access to the swimming pool, or it could mean an entire makeover in order to be considered an ADA compliant pool.

Carowinds’ swimming pool needed to add ADA compliant lifts and had to refurbish the pool area with a sloping entry into the water. These major enhancements made by the professional pool builders at Carolina Pool and Plastering will greatly improve access to Carowinds’ fun in the sun attractions for those who would otherwise have to watch their friends and family having a good time from the sidelines.

Sloped entries open up water to all

With a sloped entry, those in wheel chairs remain in their chair but are able to enjoy the cool waters of the pool, and enjoy as much splashing and carousing as they like. There are also handrails on either side of the sloped area that allows those who can enter without a wheelchair a safe means of support. These are important features of an ADA compliant pool.

Lifts provide independent access to swimming pool

With lifts, those who cannot enter the water with their wheelchair are able to independently use the lift to gain entry into the water. They should be able to call up the lift by themselves so that they may access and exit the pool without assistance or fear of being stranded. Using the latest plastering techniques, Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC was able to quickly get the Carowinds’ pool area ready for their busy summer season in no time at all!

Shotcrete popular replastering material

Shotcrete is the method of choice for most replastering jobs. It is aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable, and long lasting. Shotcrete isn’t only for large commercial pool jobs like Carowinds. Many homeowners are choosing Shotcrete for their pool’s interior because of its affordability and ease of application.

If you want to know how to make an ADA compliant pool for your or business, call the professional pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC today.


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What are the interior surfaces choices for pool remodeling in Charlotte NC?

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Updating the look of your old pool can leave you with several choices for its interior surface.  Choosing a new pool surface can be tough especially if you are not familiar with the choices of materials.  Remodeling your pool is much better than pool repair, which uses the same materials for your old pool. Pool remodeling can mean a lot of work for pool owners, but with the right pool-plastering experts, a beautiful new pool can be yours to use in a short time. To help you with the choices for your pool remodeling, you have to know which materials will fit your taste and your budget.  Here are some of the most common materials being used today for most pool remodeling tasks.


This is the least expensive type of material for a pools internal surface, however in long term, pool owners do not save as much money with this product. Plaster is susceptible to stain and aging due to chemicals used to cure water. With this type of pool plastering material, expect around five to seven years of service.

Premium Plaster

Premium plaster is one of the top choices among Charlotte pool clients.  This material can last up to ten to fifteen years and is stain resistant because quartz is added to it. Premium plaster is more durable and long lasting and regular plaster.


Although not made entirely with quartz, quartz pool plaster is the type of plaster with higher quartz aggregate added. This means you can expect stain proof, more durable and more aesthetically enhanced looking pool. If you choose this material, expect around twelve to fifteen good service from your pool. Do not forget to ask your pool remodeler how much quartz aggregate is added to the plaster they are using for your pool repair or pool plastering.  The higher the percentage of quartz – the higher the quality of the material.

With whatever choice of material you choose good service years can only be achieved if a professional pool remodeling expert does the pool plastering. With Carolina Pool Plastering,in Charlotte NC you can expect that your Charlotte, NC pool will look like new with our pool remodeling and pool repair services!


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Pool deck updates enhance fun in the sun!

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Winter is far behind, and spring almost gone, which means it’s time to get outside and make sure your pool deck is ready for summer entertaining. If it’s looking fine and just needs a little water blasting to take away stains and discoloration, great! Call the professional pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering and they will have it ready for Memorial Day. If, however, it looks beyond repair and you aren’t sure how anything or anyone can get that surface clean for visitors, reputable pool companies can still help. In fact, pool contractors may even have your pool deck looking even better than before with some minor enhancements!

Pool decks don’t have to be plain old concrete anymore

Pool decks no longer play second fiddle to the center of attention, the swimming pool. With the many innovations in pool deck applications available to mainstream Americans, pool decks are now an enhancement to the main attraction.

Pool contractors in Charlotte offer residents a variety of options of when it comes to a new pool deck. Concrete and brick pavers are still the most popular choices, but today’s decorative concrete can be stamped with a variety of patterns that are like little mini works of art scattered in your yard around the pool. Concrete can be made to look like almost any surface, including stone, slate, or even wood. Extreme durability and easy maintenance make these choices cost effective for today’s economically savvy consumer.

Stone upscale pool deck choice

Stone pool decks are becoming increasingly popular. Though more expensive than concrete, it comes with an incredible look and feel that most clients find irresistible. Stone pavers or natural stone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but if replacing stones is a concern, stick with the more common choices on the market. Your reliable Charlotte pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering can offer you guidance in this department!

Tile is still a classic look

Tile is an option that falls somewhere in the middle between concrete and stone when it comes to cost of installation for pool decks. Unglazed tile is easy to set into concrete, but still provides the traction you need in the pool area. Of course, there is more upkeep when it comes to tile as the grout will crack or flake over time, and might even need replacing. Still, tile offers a classic look that is worth the investment.

Pool decks constructed by Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC today come in a variety of shapes, styles and surfaces. Pool companies that are on the cutting edge of the pool business will be familiar with the latest materials and installation methods that will make your pool deck a stunning accompaniment to the pool itself!

If you are ready to upgrade your pool deck, or want to make some repairs to an existing deck, call the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering today for a consultation and quote! You may be surprised how affordable it is to upgrade your pool deck.


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Call Charlotte pool contractors to prepare your summer oasis for fun in the sun!

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Pool contractors in Charlotte are beginning to receive a surge of calls from customers getting ready for the summer pool season. With this year’s mild spring, homeowners are already readying their decks for Memorial Day and Fourth of July parties, and getting a good look at the how their pool fared over the winter; sometimes it isn’t pretty. Pool surfaces can go through a lot of wear and tear from the elements in only one season, and if you have been putting off maintenance of your pool deck or the surface of the pool itself, it may be time to call the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering before the guests start arriving!

Pool contractors help keep maintain pool surfaces for optimal use

Pool contractors should be familiar with all the usual surfaces used on pools and decks. These surfaces include the most common: concrete, as well as tile and stone finishes. Regular maintenance of your pool by reputable swimming pool builders will enhance the look and performance of your entertainment investment, as well as lengthen the life of the product.

The Charlotte pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering use an eco-friendly approach to clean your pool and tile: water blasting. Without the help of abrasive chemicals or cleaners, your trustworthy pool builders can blast away dirt and stains from your pool and tile using a high-pressure water jet. Sandblasting used to be the preferred method of wiping away stains and debris that discolored your pristine pool surface. But sandblasting was not environmentally friendly, especially to those neighbors who love to swim in your pool over the summer, but might not appreciate a coating of dust on their cars and houses from your pre-summer sandblasting session. Pool contractors who care about their customers and the environment regularly offer water blasting surfaces to help maintain the look and longevity of your swimming pool.

Pool builders use shotcrete to create the pool of your dreams

You’ve seen those Hollywood pools, gently curving around natural landscaping as if put in place by Mother Nature herself, right? Of course, you have. And once you’ve seen those pools it is hard to be satisfied with a standard oval or rectangular pool. Well, when your swimming pool builders offer shotcrete, you don’t have to be satisfied with everyone else’s pool design! Shotcrete is yet another innovation that pool contractors have adapted for use on swimming pool designs.

Shotcrete uses mortar or concrete that is blown through a hose and pneumatically projected onto a surface a high velocity. Shotcrete is extremely flexible in its application process, which allows for the lovely curving lines of those Hollywood pools. Durability, flexibility and ease of application are just a few reasons why the most reliable pool contractors use Shotcrete.

Swimming pool construction has come a long way in the last decade. If you are looking to enhance the pool you already have in place, or to build a new pool or deck, it makes sense to call pool contractors from Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC who stay up to date on the latest trends and come with only the highest recommendations.

Charlotte pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering are waiting to help you with your next pool project! Call these reputable pool contractors today for consultation and quotes on the pool of your dreams!


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Charlotte’s pool remodelers perform efficient and Eco-friendly surface preparation with Water Blasting

Waterblasting helps Carolina Pool Plastering perform efficient and eco-friendly surface preparation

Carolina Pool Plastering is proud to offer water blasting.  Water blasting is an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning pool surfaces. Water blasting does not use cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals.

To do pool replastering right, it is important to use a method that works without being an environmental or health hazard. Preparation of pool surfaces used to be done conventionally through sand blasting. Customers, however, have expressed concerns about its impact on the surrounding area which can extend to the neighbors. It can spew dust into the air and on surfaces like cars, doors, windows, and even the pool owners’ lawn.

With waterblasting, a high pressure water jet can clean up the coatings as well as remove any undesirable irregularities on the pool’s surface which can prevent strong and durable bonding. It ensures high quality and longer lasting pool plastering.

Carolina Pool Plastering  in Charlotte, NC offers pool renovation and repair as well as tile replacement and repair to fix pools that have become damaged, stained or discolored.. The company provides a range of services including pool maintenance, pool replastering, water blasting, new pool shells, decks and pool and tile renovations for pool surfaces. Contact Carolina Pool Plastering for more information on water blasting or to get a quote on remodeling or repairing your pool, or tile.


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