Performing pool tile repair to get your pool ready for swimming season

Pool tile repair - Charlotte, NC
As the weather warms up, homeowners are beginning to get their backyard pools ready for swimming season.  As they inspect their pools for damage after the winter, may find they need to do some pool tile repair before opening their pool to family and friends.  Often, cold weather will cause pool tiles to crack or loosen and it is important that these tiles be repaired or replaced before people start swimming in the pool.

When doing pool tile repair, it is possible to simply replace tiles if they are at the waterline.  Homeowners may also want to repair or replace any coping tiles at the same time.  This is because repairing or removing coping tiles may cause other tiles to fall off, so it is best to do these repairs at the same time.  In Charlotte NC, one of the best pool tile repair companies to call is Carolina Pool Plastering. Their expert staff has seen just about every type of pool tile issue and know how to repair it.

The purpose of pool tile

Most of the time, pool tile is used around the water line of the pool disguising the bathtub ring which can form when water levels vary because of evaporation or bather load.  Other uses for tile include mosaics and designs throughout the pool and even covering the entire interior of the pool.  Some homeowners consider removing the water line tile, especially when they live in an area with colder winters.  The freeze/thaw cycle can be hard on tiles, resulting in pool tile repair almost every year.  Pool tile also hides many issues, especially on a gunite pool.  If there were no tiles on the edge and/or rim of a marcite or gunite pool, the homeowner may find themselves dealing with chipping or cracking along the frost line, as well as seeing an ugly ring around the water’s edge.

Weather and pool tile repair

Even with the best pool tile repair or installation, there are certain climates which wreak havoc on pool tile.  In the Charlotte NC area, most winters are mild.  There are times, however when the area gets a hard freeze and then a quick thaw and homeowners find themselves with loosened or cracked pool tiles.  Depending upon how harsh the cold weather becomes, pool tiles can begin loosening or cracking within a year of installation.  Pool tiles may also be affected by pool chemicals which can pit or etch the surface of the tiles.  While the finished surface of the pool, including pebble, marcite or other finishes can last up to 20 years or more, pool tiles will most likely need some type of pool tile repair almost every year.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can repair or replace pool tiles and return your pool to a beautiful state, ready for the next swimming season.


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