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New pool decks might be in order if your current deck is chipped, missing tiles, or just plain old and unattractive. But where do to begin your search for a new pool deck? A good start is with your trusted pool builders at Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte, NC! Pool companies can tell you all the latest options and designs in pool decks, so you can make the best choice for your budget and lifestyle.

Concrete is a great option for new pool decks

New pool decks come in all shapes and styles, and concrete pool decks can allow you to be as creative as you desire. Concrete pool decks are no longer just one size fits all. Homeowners can choose to have their concrete natural, or even made to resemble slate, stone, or even wood.

Concrete is a durable, slip-resistant choice for a new pool deck. Stamping techniques have been refined in such a manner that concrete decks are often showpieces on their own. Stenciling is another option when it comes to concrete pool decks, particularly if you want to achieve the look of brick without paying the higher cost.

Did you know concrete could be colored? It can! Coloring concrete can either make the deck standout on its’ own, or blend into its surroundings. Multi-tonal effects are possible when layering color using a variety of techniques. Careful thought should be put into the shades you choose with colored concrete. Darker colors will absorb light rays and create a hotter surface than lighter colors. Beige and pastel tones tend to work best with when choosing concrete for a new pool deck, and your pool contractors at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you make a good decision.

Natural brick and ceramic tiles still popular choices for new pool decks

When it comes to natural elegance and instant harmony with the surroundings, the look of natural brick and ceramic tile can’t be beat. Of course, elegance comes at a cost, and these two choices for your new pool deck might be outside of your budget. But there are benefits to these choices. Brick is long lasting and both are easy to replace if one tile or brick gets cracked or chipped, rather than tearing up an entire deck. When it comes to tile, it is almost the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. Patterns and colors abound and homeowners who want a unique, individualized look to their new pool deck will find it available in the plethora of tile choices.

Charlotte homeowners can still choose wood or even opt for some modern choices in pool decks, including rubber!  Composite decks are the latest trend in new pool deck options. This eco-friendly option is smoother than wood, will not fade or splinter over time, and can be found in a variety of colors, textures and surface designs. Especially attractive to homeowners and pool builders, composite decks are water resistant, and impervious to insects and sunlight.

If you are ready for a new pool deck to jazz up your summer entertaining, call the experts at Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte and ask them about your options! New pool decks are an investment in your home, and quality of life.


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