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Pool construction, repairing, and remodeling in Charlotte, NC

Overview most reliable pool contractors

Most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte, NCThe most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area offer many services, from repairing and remodeling to building pools, as well as upkeep to the tile or deck surrounding your pool. The experts near your area can transform your current pool into a beautiful one, or create a new pool, working with you to develop a timeline and fit your specific schedule.

Pool Building

The most reliable pool builders in your Charlotte, NC area prefer Shortcrete pools as the optimum kind of pool to build. Shortcrete pools are built through the wet mixed method, in which materials are mixed, then sprayed onto the excavation made for the pool. This makes is possible to create a custom shape. Shortcrete pools can be cleaned, vacuumed, scrubbed, and washed. Tile installation is simpler too because Shortcrete is compatible with most tile brands. Furthermore, despite being relatively inexpensive, these pools are quite sturdy. Even construction companies use Shortcrete for erosion control and slop stabilization. Shortcrete is less expensive than concrete, more aesthetically appealing, and binds more readily with brick, steel, rock, tile, stone, and other materials at the excavation. Maintenance is simpler as well. Lastly, they have a longer lifespan because they are covered with plaster instead of liners. Plaster types offered include white marcite, quartz, and pebble.

Water Blasting, Decks, and Tile

Decorative tiling from most reliable pool contractors can dramatically improve the overall look of your pool. Customers in the Charlotte, NC area may also consider a new pool deck, which can increase the value of your home of business, and the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Water blasting is an eco-friendly way to prepare the surface of your pool before it is re-plastered. Water blasting uses a high-pressure jet to clean coatings and undesirable surface irregularities to thoroughly ensure a bondable surface. This enables a clean surface so plaster application is long lasting, without using cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals. This is a better alternative to traditional sand blasting, which cleans a surface by converting the existing one into find dust particles, hazardously contaminating the surrounding air, lawn, cars, windows, and doors. Water blasting is ideal because it does not create that abrasive waste.


Carolina Pool Plastering is one of the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area. Founded in 1998 by David Deaton, Carolina Pool Plastering has extended its services across the East Coast, offering quality and individualized results to ensure that each and every customer is satisfied. To guarantee this satisfaction, Mr. Deaton is present on each project for supervision, aid, and implementation. Their many valued services include pool remodeling and repair, shortcrete, pool shells, decks, plaster, tile repair, coping replacement, and water blasting.


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One of the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte tells you what to consider when building an in-ground pool

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors gives advice on planning your new pool

Most reliable pool contractors in  Charlotte, NCWhen you are ready to create your own backyard oasis, call Carolina Pool Plastering for help and advice.  They can help you design the perfect in-ground pool for your Charlotte NC home.  When you think about it, an in-ground pool is a masterful engineering feat.  The pool supports thousands of gallons of water while it withstands chemicals, the natural elements, and more.  For these reasons, an in-ground pool can be difficult to design and build.  It takes a company like Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors to get the job done right.

Designing and building the new in-ground pool

When done correctly, an in-ground pool can last for decades.  It will take routine maintenance and upkeep, but the structure of a well-built in-ground pool can last for many years.  The finishes, including the plaster on the interior and the tile and coping can also last a long time if properly maintained.  However, if a pool is not built well, it can be a constant challenge of repairs and even replacement.  This is why it is so important to hire the most reliable pool contractors when you build your new in-ground pool.

Hiring the best

When you are ready to build your new in-ground pool, there are some factors to consider.  These include the size and shape of your space, your budget, how much you time and money you want to spend on maintenance, and what you will be using the pool for.  The key questions are:

  • Price – what will be the total price, including landscaping, decking, and other options?
  • Maintenance – it is important to understand how much work will be involved in maintaining the pool, including costs of chemicals and cleaning equipment.
  • Installation – how long and how complicated will the installation be?
  • Service – all of the most reliable pool contractors will service what they sell.

Landscaping and pool options

When planning your backyard oasis, it is important to consider the pool style and design in combination with existing and future landscaping, decking, and other features.  If you are dreaming of a garden atmosphere, consider adding water features which will also water the surrounding landscaping.  You may want to design your pool so the edges go right up to the plants.  You may also want to add lighting features, both in the pool and in the surrounding landscaping.  The right decking adds sunning and relaxation space and makes your outdoor living area perfect.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte NC’s most reliable pool contractors can help you create your vision.


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Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors explains the steps in pool construction

One of the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC explains the pool construction process

Most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte, NCIf you are not sure of what to expect during your pool construction, here are a few things to know.  Installing a new pool is not as simple as digging a hole and adding water.  There are permits to be acquired, designs to be drawn, materials to select, inspections to pass and more.  All of these can sometimes make it seem like it will never end, but it will and when it does you will have a wonderful new pool to enjoy with your family and friends.  To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the basic steps in constructing a new swimming pool from most reliable pool contractors:


The price of your pool will include the cost of excavation and how difficult it will be to get a tractor in and out of the pool site.  Other factors complicating the cost will be big rocks and hillsides.  The easier it is to get a tractor in and out, the less cost tied up in excavation.  Another possible cost factor is the grading required on the site.  If your soil is difficult to work with, it may raise the cost.  Fees for permits and inspections will also impact the cost.


It is extremely important to ensure all of your engineering requirements are included in the contract.  You can identify possible engineering requirements by reviewing such things as the grade of your lot.  If your pool will be located on flat ground in an open area and your design is pretty basic, you can probably use a standard set of engineering diagrams.  However, if your pool is on a hillside or has water features or an infinity edge, then you will typically need a separate set of engineering drawings for each item.

Gas, electrical, and plumbing

One of the most important parts of the pool design and construction is the plumbing.  There are often many different codes and requirements to be met, so it is very important to use a professional contractor.  One of the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC is Carolina Pool Plastering and their professional staff can ensure each and every one of these requirements is met.


Shotcrete or gunite is pool concrete which is “shot” into the pool to create the lining.  Shotcrete is premixed concrete which can be shot at a higher psi to create your pool’s interior.

Coping, tile, and concrete decking

The coping, tile and decking are important parts of your new pool’s aesthetic appeal.  You have many options, including using glass or ceramic tile for everything or using other natural materials for the coping and decking.  Decking can be wood, natural stone or even stained concrete.  Any of these will work well and look beautiful.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors will help you create your perfect pool.



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Hiring the most reliable pool contractors to remodel your pool

Hiring Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors to remodel your pool

most reliable pool contractors working on a pool
Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors can do just about any remodeling you desire on your pool and spa.  Whether it is replacing tile or completely replastering the shell, they are the absolute best in Charlotte NC.  Today, you have a wide choice of finishes when remodeling your pool.  A high quality finish will not only make your pool last longer, but will also increase your property value.  With the right finish, you can turn your ordinary hot tub or pool into a work of art.

Pool tile

Using tile to help decorate a pool has been in use for a long time.  Tile offers the opportunity for a customized appearance, yet is relatively inexpensive.  It is also very durable and requires little maintenance beyond the occasional scrubbing and regrouting.  There is literally a rainbow of color choices, as well as an almost infinite array of designs and patterns.  The most reliable pool contractors will help you find just the right tile for your pool remodel.  One important consideration is that the tile be safe for use around water.  It cannot be slick when wet or your guests or family members could slip and fall.  The best pool tiles are porcelain since this material does not absorb water and is very dense.

Pool plaster

Traditionally, white plaster is used to finish pools.  It has been used for many years and still remains a very popular choice.  White plaster is a combination of white marble aggregate, white cement, and water and gives your pool a classic, elegant look.  Once your pool is filled with water, white plaster gives it a brilliant, blue appearance.  White plaster is also one of the most affordable options for finishing a swimming pool.  It lasts quite a while, but should be installed by a good contractor.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors are the local experts in installing and maintaining traditional pool plaster.

Pool aggregate finishes

Another great option for pool finishes are colored ceramic aggregates.  These are a certain type of ceramic-coated sand which is mixed with plaster products.  They can be combined with colored plaster to offer a wide range of color options including the traditional blue all the way to red and beige.  It is a very durable way to finish a pool and is not as prone to impact from pool chemicals.  Aggregate pool finishes can also have a pebbly appearance which has become a very popular pool finish choice.  This pool finish provides a bit of texture to your pool finish which helps make it more slip-proof.  In Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can remodel your pool with any one of these beautiful finish options.

When remodeling or upgrading your pool finish, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.


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Tips from one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors on keeping pool water clean

Most reliable pool contractors working om a swimming poolThe secret to sparking pool water from Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the secret to keeping your pool water sparkling clean and clear blue.  If you follow the weekly schedule below, you will enjoy crystal clear pool water all through the Charlotte NC swimming season.

Weekly pool cleaning tasks

  1. Add pool shock to your pool. This breaks down any organic matter which may be in the pool water and also disinfects the water, too.  There are both chlorine and non-chlorine products available.  The important thing to remember is to add the chemical to your pool water in the right ration based on your total pool water volume.  You can follow the directions on the pool shock label or call one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors, Carolina Pool Plastering to determine the correct ratio for your pool.  Following a rainstorm or extremely hot temperatures, you may need to add additional pool shock to your pool water.
  2. Add a maintenance dose of algae prevention once a week.
  3. Clean all of the walls in the pool thoroughly with a brush.
  4. Clean the pool’s floor with a pool vacuum to ensure all debris is gone.

Twice weekly pool maintenance tasks

  1. Check the pool chemical levels using test strips. It is important to maintain the pool water’s chemical balance.  Your pool water’s pH should measure somewhere between 7.4 and 7.6. If you are using chlorine, this chemical should measure between one to three parts per million.
  2. Check and empty the pool’s filter baskets.
  3. Clean any tile work, especially at the water line. You can use a pool surface cleaner for this task.
  4. Remove insects, leaves, and any other floating debris from the water’s surface using a skimming tool.

Even if you routinely perform all of these maintenance tasks, there may come a time when you will need pool repair.  When you do, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.

Pool maintenance tasks after a special event

  1. If you have a large group of people in your pool at one time, it is a good idea to prepare your pool with additional pool shock before the event.  After the event, you should thoroughly clean your pool with a brush and then add chlorine.  Also clean your pool filters right away following a big party.
  2. If you have animals, such as your pet dog in your pool, it is extremely important to clean your pool after everyone is out. Skim the pool’s surface and empty your skimmer basket and filters so the pet hair does not get back into the pool water.

Performing proper maintenance and cleaning can help keep your pool water clean.  When you do need repairs to your backyard pool, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors to do the work.


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Pool and spa safety tips from the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC

Safety tips from the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC

Most reliable pool contractors working on a swimming pool
Many families dream of having a pool in their backyard.  They have visions of fun-filled days and family and friends gathering on summer evenings.  This is definitely the goal for most families, but even more important is taking steps to ensure everyone is safe when around and in the pool.

There are steps you can take to help keep your family and visitors safe while using your pool.  Taking these actions can also help you with insurance costs.  Local ordinances or codes may also require certain safety features for your pool and the surrounding area, so it is a good idea to discuss safety features with the most reliable pool contractors in Charlotte NC.  Recommended safety steps include:

  • Upgrading drain covers. If you pool has the old-fashioned, flat drain covers, it is recommended that you upgrade to new drain covers that comply with federal standards.  These drain covers are much safer and even reduce the amount of hair caught in the drains.  This greatly reduces the risk of someone drowning because of hair entrapment.
  • Enclose your pool with a fence at least four foot high. Any gates in the pool should be lockable and open away from the pool.  These gates should also be self-locking and self-closing.
  • Add an automatic cut-off device for your pool pump. This type of device detects an increase in suction pressure and cuts off the pool pump to relieve that pressure.  This often happens when the drain is blocked and is much faster than having to manually turn off the pump.
  • Use a pool cover that meets the safety standards as set by the American Society for Testing and Materials. These specifications will add a layer of protection, reduce water evaporation, and reduce heat loss.  This cover should be tightly secured on all sides when installed over the pool to prevent anyone, especially children from slipping under the cover.  Do not allow water to accumulate on the cover.
  • Install a rope dividing the shallow end of the pool from the deep end. This notifies swimmers of varying water depths.
  • Install in-pool alarms and motion detectors. These provide an alarm when there is someone in the pool.  They are also available for fences, doors, and as a clip-on for children.
  • If you are building a new pool, install more than one drain. This helps reduce pressure from each drain.  With a single drain, suction pressure may be strong enough to hold 400 to 500 pounds.  This is almost impossible for an adult to escape, not to mention a child.
  • Lock up all pool chemicals and keep the key away from children.
  • Never leave children unsupervised around the pool, even if the gates are locked.
  • Make sure everyone in your family knows how to swim. Children can be enrolled in swimming lessons at a very young age and it may save their life.

If you need to add or upgrade safety features for your backyard pool, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.


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Building your dream: questions to ask the most reliable pool contractors

Important questions to ask to find the most reliable pool contractors

Most reliable pool contractors working on a swimming pool
When you are starting your search for the most reliable pool contractors to build your new custom pool, there are several facts you should have to ensure you select the best one for your job.

Find out how long the company has been in business

Longevity generally means a company provides good service.  This is especially true of the most reliable pool contractors.  Pool companies depend upon a good reputation and referral business.  It is recommended that you select a pool company that has been open for at least five years.  Longer is even better.

You must be careful when choosing the pool contractor to build your pool.  Some pool contractors are looking to make a quick profit.  These pool companies offer very low estimates and then do the work with poor quality materials and rush through the job.  The most reliable pool companies in Charlotte NC will provide a thorough, written estimate and do the work with the best quality materials.

The pool contractor should be willing to work with you

Another important consideration is how easy the pool contractor is to work with.  Even if a pool company uses high quality materials and does great work, building your pool can be a miserable experience if it is difficult to work with the contractor or their employees.  Building a pool should be a partnership between you and your pool contractor.  The most reliable pool contractors will be open to your ideas and if you ask for something that is not possible, they will explain why and perhaps suggest alternate options.

Do not hire a pool contractor who has a history of complaints

As you do your research, there are many consumer resources, especially online where you can check the company’s business history and see if anyone has filed a complaint.  The Better Business Bureau is one of the best resources for discovering a company’s reputation.  There may also be online reviews from customers which can provide you some idea of the company’s reputation.

When it comes to your new custom pool, you cannot be too careful when choosing who will build it.  This is why it is important to pick one of Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors.  These experts will provide you with all the information you will need to make an informed decision.

Carolina Pool Plastering will send their certified technicians who will work with you on designing the pool of your dreams.  They will walk you through the details of building a custom pool and ensure you have a thorough and accurate estimate for all project costs.  You should ask the most reliable pool contractors certain questions before hiring them.  Give Charlotte’s most reliable pool contractors a call when you want to be sure you get a great pool.


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Most reliable pool contractors restore your North Carolina pool to mint condition

Pool Replenishing and the Most Reliable Pool Contractors

Most reliable pool contractors working on a swimming pool
North Carolina deserves an expert residential and commercial pool company. This article points to professional characteristics held by the most reliable pool contractors. With the expense of restoring a pool to peak condition, it is comforting to know that your contractor is on top of the job. Carolina Pool Plastering earns customer confidence with a reputation for finely crafted pool replenishing that merits attention from North Carolina pool owners. Starting with an eco-friendly waterblast to clean plaster etching, Carolina Pool Plastering thoroughly ensures sound, long-lasting outcomes in pool refurbishing. Working with customers to develop a timely renovation schedule, the pool company restores and transforms swimming pools into places of beauty.

Give attention to pool restoration needs

A good pool plaster finish should last up to 20 years. When nearing the 20-year mark, it is wise to consider re-plastering. You may notice discoloration, hue variations or shading in the plaster. Cracking may also occur along the plaster finish. Look also for etching, which indicates soft spots where the plaster is degraded or has deteriorated. You may also find delamination, in which the plaster bond has failed. When any or all of these wear effects show up, call on the most reliable pool contractor to refurbish your pool with expert attention to service and detail.

Injury and poor swimming conditions

Cracked or delaminated plaster conditions may cause lacerations, scrapes or cuts to feet and other parts of the body. Delaminated edges can be sharp on contact, cutting into flesh with a razor sharp impact. As well rough surface injuries can result from cracking along the plaster finish. Etching, which indicates soft spots where the plaster is degraded or has deteriorated, may create loose, free-floating plaster that clogs filter systems and prevents a clean and healthy swim experience. In advanced deterioration, supporting rebar and soil can push through pool plaster, resulting in impossible swim conditions.

Rebuilding a degraded pool

At times pool renovation extends to rebuilding. A securely and exquisitely built pool requires no less than a highly skilled pool builder. The pool location and condition may make formation difficult, with a possible need to move natural and unnatural obstructions. Plaster must be laid and fashioned in ideal temperature, season and weather conditions. Without the most reliable pool builder, rebuilding can be a nightmare. The specialty of a good pool company is to make pool construction, plastering and replenishing go smoothly, with finite adherence to schedule, expert attention to detail and exquisite pool and deck designs.

A top notch North Carolina pool contractor

With well-trained, skilled staff,  Carolina Pool Plastering alleviates the problem of pool deterioration. The pool company’s high quality residential and commercial pool service focuses on plastering, remodeling, renovation, restoration and repair. Residential service includes, but is not limited to, waterblasting, shotcrete, new pool shells, decks, plaster, tile repair, coping replacement and tile replacement. Commercial service includes the above with the addition of erosion control. Extending its quality reputation beyond North Carolina, Carolina Pool Plastering is expanding along the Eastern Seaboard, further exposing residential and commercial pool owners to expert pool renovation.


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Most reliable pool contractors offer chemical balancing tips

Keeping your pool balanced

Most reliable pool contractors doing pool works
Most reliable pool contractors will tell you that it is crucial that you keep your pool in chemical balance all year around. This means keeping cleaning agents, chemicals, and pH in a perfect balance so that they all work together to keep your water clean and safe. If you’re a new pool owner, or if you have simply left your pool’s chemical balance to your pool company, this may be a foreign concept to you. It is always wise to consult with your pool maintenance contractor to determine what the best levels for your pool are. The following are a few key factors that will help to put things into perspective and to make it easier for you to keep your pool clean.

Pool pH Levels

If you remember basic high school chemistry, pH refers to the acidity of your water. pH level plays a vital role in keeping your pool water in top condition. You water pH level should be in the range of 7.4 to 7.6 on the pH scale at all times. If your pH is too low, you will have a difficult time maintaining proper chlorine level because in such a case, the chlorine will dissipate much faster than is normal. On the flip side, if the pH level is too high, the chlorine will become inactive. Remember that a proper pH level is the beginning of getting your pool off to a good start.

Alkaline level

The alkalinity of your pool is closely tied with its pH levels. Whenever your alkalinity is off, it is highly probable that your pH levels are out of whack. The measurement term is called total alkalinity. This refers to the amount of alkaline in the pool water. In most cases, your alkaline level should read between 80 to 100 ppm in a plaster pool, and 100 to 150 ppm in a vinyl pool.

Chlorine stabilizer

This chemical allows your chlorine work longer by protecting it from breaking down in sunlight. Check with your Charlotte Pool Company about the product used in your pool, as some chlorine products have stabilizer already added in. If this is not the case for the product you use, you will need to add the proper amount of stabilizer to your pool.

Choosing one of the Most reliable pool contractors

Do not be afraid to dive into building your dream swimming pool. Talk to the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering. They offer many services that will help homeowners to repair, remodel, and renovate their pool and the surrounding areas. They specialize in providing environmental friendly solutions and have been satisfying customers in Charlotte, NC for many years. To learn more about one of the most reliable pool contractors, call them for a free consultation and quote.


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Renovate your pool with the most reliable pool contractors

Pool companies are ready now

Most reliable pool contractors doing pool works
As the weather is starting to cool down in Charlotte, the most reliable pool contractors know that it becomes the ideal time to remodel your pool. The fall and cooler months in North Carolina are a great time to throw outdoor gatherings and parties. Here we want to discuss how you can bring the comfort of your indoor living, to your outdoor pool or spa. A crystal clear pool that has a versatile design brings life and vibrancy to any backyard space. More importantly, you can extend the use of your pool and spa area beyond the traditional swimming season. The holidays are upon us, and perhaps your gift to the family this year can be a face left for your pool.

Ideas for upgrading your pool

There are a several ways that you can improve or spice up your current pool design. Building steps into your pool will not only increase the functionality of your pool, it will give it an entirely different look. Many people consider altering the shape of their pool, by adding curves or angles in an effort to completely change the appearance of your backyard. The most reliable pool contractors will not just give you a bid; they will spend time getting to know you and learning about your way of thinking with regard to a pool remodel. It will not take long for them to point you in the right direction as they make your abstract ideas realistic and tangible.

Simple upgrades

Not every pool upgrade requires major renovation or construction. One of the most popular upgrade ideas is to update your seating and poolside furniture. The addition of a few comfortable chairs or ornamental benches can be a great reason to grab a book and sneak away to your outdoor oasis. Comfortable and relaxing poolside furniture is a simple and effective way to develop a tranquil outdoor hideaway.

When it is time to upgrade your pool and outdoor living space, make changes to your pool the priority. You can add all the accessories and embellishments at any time, even during swimming season. However, if you neglect the largest part of your backyard entertainment when the season is over, you will need to wait another year before you can achieve the well-rounded outdoor living space you desire.

Choosing one of the most reliable pool contractors

Do not be afraid to ask questions about renovating your swimming pool. If you are interested in remodeling your pool, or installing a new pool, now is the perfect time. Talk to the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering. They offer many services that will help homeowners to repair, remodel, and renovate their pool and the surrounding areas. They specialize in providing environmental friendly solutions and have been satisfying customers in Charlotte, NC for many years. Consider Caroling Pool Plastering as one the most reliable pool contractors for off-season renovation and construction.


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