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Pool installation and upkeep in Charlotte, NC

Overview of Pool Installation

Pool installation in Charlotte, NCPool installation requires expert contractors. Beyond building, the best company in your Charlotte, NC area also offers repairing and remodeling services, as well as work on the tile or deck surrounding your pool. While building your new pool, these experts will work with you to develop a timeline and fit your specific schedule.

Building your Pool

Pool installation in Charlotte, NC is best with Shortcrete, which is built using the wet mixed method. To create a Shortcrete pool, materials are mixed, and then sprayed onto the excavation site, making a custom shape possible. Shortcrete is less expensive than concrete, more aesthetically appealing, and binds more readily with brick, steel, rock, tile, stone, and other materials at the excavation. Upkeep is far improved with Shortcrete pools, which can be cleaned, vacuumed, scrubbed, and washed. Tile installation is simpler too, because Shortcrete is compatible with most kinds of tile. Also, it is relatively inexpensive, yet very sturdy, and capable of withstanding 6500 TO 7500 PSI. Even construction companies use Shortcrete for erosion control and slope stabilization. Lastly, they have a longer lifespan because they are covered with plaster instead of liners. Plaster types offered include white marcite, quartz, and pebble. In summary, be sure to request Shortcrete when planning your new pool.

Beyond Pool Installation

Beyond installation, the experts in your area have many services to maintain your new pool or improve an existing pool. For example, decorative tiling or a new deck can each dramatically improve the overall look and feel of your pool, as well as increase your property value. Customers in Charlotte, NC also prefer water blasting as an eco-friendly way to prepare the surface of a pool prior to re-plastering. This is an improved alternative to traditional sand blasting, which cleans a surface by converting the existing one into find dust particles, which could then contaminate the surrounding air, lawn, cars, windows, and doors. Water blasting is ideal because it does not create that abrasive waste. Water blasting uses a high-pressure jet to clean coatings and undesirable surface irregularities and ensure a highly bondable surface. This enables a clean surface so plaster application is long lasting, without using cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals.


In Charlotte, NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is one of the most reliable pool contractors for building and pool installation. Beyond this, Carolina Pool Plastering also offers many valued services, including pool remodeling and repair, decks, plaster, tile repair, coping replacement, and water blasting. Founded in 1998 by David Deaton, the company has extended its services across the East Coast to provide quality and individualized results, leaving every customer is satisfied. To guarantee this satisfaction, Mr. Deaton is present on each and every project for guaranteed customer satisfaction.


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Increase energy efficiency by installing the right size pump during a pool installation

Reduce energy costs by using the right size pump during your pool installation

pool installation - Charlotte, NCHomeowners can save energy and still maintain a comfortable water temperature in their pool by using a higher efficiency, smaller pool pump.  The better the efficiency, the less a homeowner will need to operate the pump.  Studies show that pool owners can save as much as 75% in pumping bills when they install an energy-efficient pool pump.

Installing the right size pool pump

The bigger the pool pump, the greater a homeowner’s maintenance and pumping costs.  This is why a homeowner should always try to use the smallest size pool pump possible during their pool installation.  The best pool company in Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide a homeowner with all the information they will need to make a decision about their swimming pool pump.  They will help match the hydraulics of the pool pump to both the pool’s flow characteristics and the pool’s piping.  Studies show that most residential pools will do fine with a .75 horsepower or less pool pump.

Make your smaller pump work efficiently

Smaller pool pumps not only cost less, but can be just as efficient as bigger pumps, if not more so.  There are several steps which a homeowner can take during pool installation to increase the efficiency of a smaller pump:

  • Decrease the length or increase the diameter of the swimming pool pipes
  • Substitute a larger filter rated to a minimum of 50% higher than the flow rate of the pool’s design
  • Replace any 90-degree pipes with either flexible or 45-degree pipes.

These steps work to decrease the hydraulic resistance of the pool’s circulation system.  Doing this can reduce energy consumption by at least 40 percent.   Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC can provide information and advice on other ways to reduce energy costs during pool installation.

Working your pool pump less

Many times swimming pool pumps work longer than necessary.  They keep the swimming pool water circulated so the chemicals stay mixed and debris is removed.  Chemicals should be added while the pool water is circulating so they remain mixed.  Water does not have to be recirculated every day, even if there is debris.  Most debris can be skimmed or vacuumed.  Longer circulation also does not keep algae from growing.  It is better to use pool water chemicals and to scrub the walls to remove algae.

Filtration times

Homeowners should reduce filtration time to six hours daily.  If this does not keep the pool water clean enough, they should increase the filtration time by half-hour increments until the pool water is completely clean.  Call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the most professional pool companies in Charlotte NC for more ideas on increasing the efficiency of your swimming pool pump.


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Get the full price: these items should be included in your pool installation estimate

When gathering pool installation estimates, always make sure these items are included

Pool installation in Charlotte, NCMost of the time, when a homeowner is gathering estimates for a new pool installation, it is their first time building a pool.  As a result, they may not be aware of everything which should be included in their Charlotte NC pool installation estimate.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool installation companies provides advice on what to ensure is included in any pool installation estimate.

The last thing a homeowner wants is a bunch of additional or hidden costs in their pool installation project.  It is very important that anyone signing a contract for a pool installation review that contract very carefully.  The following are some of the important items that should always be included in an estimate for a pool installation.

Zone charges: These are the fees that must be paid to haul away dirt when the lot is excavated for the new pool.  The homeowner must be sure the pool contractor provides an estimate for both excavating the pool and taking away excess dirt.

Expediting fees and permits:  Depending upon the locality, there may be a variety of fees required to build a new pool.  These permits can range from a couple hundred dollars to several thousands and all of these costs should be included in the pool installation estimate.

Steel reinforcing and engineering: There may be specialty engineering required depending upon the type of pool and the soil on the lot.  Also, there may additional reinforcement needed, again, depending upon the type of pool.

Plumbing: Ensure the plumbing included is all that is required. Look for wording which may limit the scope of work to “run/hook up only”.  This may result in additional costs for plumbing.  Also, ensure gas and electric are included.

Soil surveys and reports:  Your locality may not require a soils survey or report, however it is almost always a good idea to have at least one of these, if not both.

Shotcrete/gunite:  While an estimate for these materials may not be exact, it is a good idea to have some type of estimate in the contract.  Be careful if the estimate includes a limit on the amount of gunite or shotcrete.

Coping and tile:  While these are usually included, ensure what is included is labeled and that detailed costs are explained.  These should include cost per unit and how much the contract allows.

Bonding grid: This item is often forgotten in a contract, however almost every locality will require that some sort of bonding be used to directly connect the pool to the surrounding decking.

These are a few of the possible hidden costs that should always be spelled out in a pool installation contract.  Carolina Pool Plastering and their team of professionals will provide an accurate estimate for any new pool installation.


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Landscaping considerations during pool installation

Landscaping factors to consider during pool installation

Pool contractors doing pool installationWhen you are installing a new pool, you want to ensure the surrounding landscaping add to the overall beauty and appeal of the new pool.  Depending upon where you live, one of your major concerns may be privacy or safety.  Landscaping can help with these by including trees, fences, walls and screens.  These can block the view of the pool and still be attractive and safe. Adding a fence and a safety gate is often one of the first things a homeowner does, especially if there is a chance that small children or pets may wander out to the pool area.  The pool deck is also an important consideration during a pool installation.  You will want a pool deck which provides enough space for sunning and entertaining and which is made from attractive materials that will not conduct heat.

Another important consideration is lighting, both in and around the pool.  Any area surrounding the pool should be well lit, while the pool itself may also have some type of lighting.  You may also want to add other water features to both the pool and the surrounding landscape.  These may include waterfalls, sprays, and fountains.  You may also consider adding small pools that drain into the larger swimming pool.  There are many options for landscaping during pool installation in Charlotte NC.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can help with advice and design ideas.

The basic criteria in landscape design during pool installation

When you are planning the landscaping for the area surrounding the pool, it is important to keep balance, unity, proportion, and variety in mind.  Balance is one of the most important considerations.  While your pool or spa may be the focal point of your backyard, you can create a balanced look by placing other focal points opposite your pool or spa.  You may want to use a large tree or a gazebo with a bench to help balance the overall area.

It is important that everything in your pool area looks like it belongs and that these features all work together.  Ensure each feature and plant is blended into the overall landscape.  Try and not include a feature which may stand out on its own.  This can offset the unity of your landscaping and create a feeling of disorganization.

As you begin to select landscaping elements, ensure they are in proportion to each other, as well as your house, pool, and lot size.  It you have a large lot, you can break it up into distinct spaces with different plantings or walkways.  Using the right mix of plantings, along with bordered paths can create different intimate conversation areas.

Variety is one of the most important factors when designing your pool and landscaping.  While keeping everything in proportion and balanced, you can add variety by playing with textures, grade levels, and shapes.  These provide visual interest and add to the beauty of the area.

Always remember to consider landscaping during your pool installation.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC has experts on staff to help you with ideas, so give them a call today.


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What you should think about when considering a swimming pool installation

pool installation by pool buildersFactors to consider when thinking about a swimming pool installation

If you are thinking about a swimming pool installation, there are many factors to consider. There are items such as building code requirements, the design and type of swimming pool you want, your available yard space, and the overall swimming pool installation cost. Other important considerations are whether or not you will need certain safety features such as a self-locking gate and fence to prevent small children from getting into the pool, winterizing the pool in cooler weather, the type of liner for the pool, and ongoing pool maintenance or upkeep. It is also important to think about how well your new swimming pool will blend into your landscape. You will want to ensure your swimming pool style, size, and shape will bring create a balanced oasis to your back yard. This important for two reasons, to increase the enjoyment for your family and guests and to ensure your swimming pool installation helps increase your property value. One of Charlotte’s best pool companies, Charlotte Pool Plastering can help you with all the details of your swimming pool installation.

Additional considerations for your swimming pool installation

When you are deciding upon a swimming pool installation, you may want to consider adding additional features at the same time. These can include an upgraded swimming pool deck, water features, and customized tile in and around the pool. You may also want to add lights and special stones or designs to the pool coping. You will need to decide which type of pool liner you want. Your choices are typically a concrete or shotcrete liner, although in some areas you may also choose fiberglass. The last major consideration is the size of the swimming pool installation project and how complicated the excavation will be. Depending upon the size of your pool, the excavation may include major renovations to your landscape. At a minimum, the project will require an area for large equipment to maneuver.

Another possibility is to enclose the pool so it may be used all year round. This is especially nice in an area like Charlotte NC where it can get nippy during the winter. The pool may be placed in an addition built onto your home or into a separate building or enclosed patio. The primary benefit of an indoor pool is that you, your family and your guests may use it no matter what the weather is like outside. Maintenance and upkeep may be a little easier, too since there are no leaves or other debris constantly falling into the pool. There is also no need to weatherize the pool during colder weather.

There are a few unique considerations when considering an indoor pool. You will need an indoor swimming pool dehumidifier and how to best heat the pool. Some homeowners opt for solar heating for their swimming pool installation, while others opt for more conventional heating. You may also want to add a spa or a current pool to the swimming pool installation project.

No matter what type of swimming pool installation project you are considering, the experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you with all the details of your project. Give them a call to discuss your swimming pool installation project.


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The benefits of adding water features during pool installation

Adding water features to customize your pool installation

Pool installation by pool contractors When you are doing a new pool installation, you may want to consider adding water features to customize the project.  Unique water features can help turn an everyday, ordinary pool into a backyard paradise.  Water features range from simple to extravagant and can really add a personal touch to your pool installation.  Charlotte’s best pool company, Carolina Pool Plastering can provide advice and guidance on which water features will work with your design.  The most popular water features include waterfalls and spraying fountains.  Some include more complicated features such as lighting, colors, and sound. There are several good reasons for adding water features to your pool installation.


The sounds of water cascading down a waterfall is the epitome of peace and tranquility.  It is very calming to sit on your pool deck or in your outdoor living space and listen to the sound of water flowing down your waterfall or dropping into your pool.


When you add water features to your pool installation, you also add fun.  If you have a spillway, children and adults will have so much fun playing in the cascading water.  Add bubblers to provide interest and sound or a water slide to really ramp up the excitement.   Jets arching into the pool will create multi-colored rainbows for a constant source of entertainment.


Water features can truly add beauty to your pool installation.  You have the choice of a shear descent or a rain fall, both gorgeous additions to any pool.  You can add a rock wall with a grotto on the top and a waterfall cascading down the sides.  There are truly endless possibilities.

Ideas for water features

Water features can blend into any backyard pool installation.  They are easy to maintain.  You can clean them when you clean the pool.  If your water feature has rocks, stones, or gravel, it is important to ensure they remain clean and free of algae.

Consider placing the water features where they can take the advantage of sunlight streaming through the water.  Natural sunlight can enhance the beauty of the water feature and create natural rainbows for you and your family to enjoy.  Depending upon how you blend in the water feature, you can even add fish for your guests to enjoy.  Your water feature will also attract birds and butterflies to your backyard.  If you want to attract more wildlife, add indigenous trees and other plants.

Water features add to the aesthetic appeal of your backyard pool installation.  When you design your pool installation, consider adding a few water features to bring the area to life.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool installation companies in Charlotte NC can help you with ideas and recommendations

Their expert staff will meet with you to discuss your pool installation design and make recommendations on what water features will work well with your plans for your backyard fun.  Give Carolina Pool Plastering a call today to schedule an appointment to discuss adding water features to your pool installation.


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Steps to ensure a successful pool installation

A pool installation can be a challenging project

Pool installation by pool builders
If you are considering putting in an in-ground pool, you need to be prepared.  Knowing the major steps will help ensure you get the pool you want without any major headaches.  It is important to understand what goes into pool construction when you are talking with pool contractors.  This knowledge will also help you spot any potential issues before they become major problems.  Building an in-ground pool requires a great deal of planning.  There are several professionals who you may want to contact, including pool designers and pool contractors.

Pool Designer

The first professional you may want to talk with is a pool designer.  Some pool contractors include the pool design with the pool installation, while others will expect you to already have a design.  If you decide to work with a pool designer, this individual may have pool contractors they recommend.  The pool designer may even work with the pool installation company and give you a package deal.  This is a common practice. Other designers work independently so may only be able to provide advice or tips on hiring a pool contractor.

Hiring pool builders

Who installs your pool is one of the most important factors in the project.  Even if you have a gorgeous design, if your pool builder is difficult to work with, or worse is not capable of installing the pool you want, then the project can become extremely frustrating with expensive delays and cost overruns.  To minimize the possibility of a problem pool project, there a several pieces of information you will need.

Type of pool material

There are three major types of pool material and it is a good idea for you to know the differences as you begin thinking about your pool.   The longest lasting and most versatile are concrete pools.  These pools can be customized just about any way you can imagine.  They are, however expensive and difficult to install.  Vinyl is another option for in-ground pool material.  These are much less expensive than a concrete pool and are easier and faster to install.  If you are considering vinyl for your pool material, ensure the vinyl is very thick so it will resist punctures and tears.  While concrete is more versatile than vinyl, vinyl pools do come is different shapes and sizes.  The third option for in-ground pool material is fiberglass.  Fiberglass makes very good material for an in-ground pool.  It is durable and inhibits the growth of mildew and algae, which makes it easier to keep your pool clean.  Both fiberglass and vinyl pools take less time to install than a concrete pool.

If you want a project to go as smoothly as possible, consider hiring one of Charlotte’s best pool builders, Carolina Pool Plastering to install your new pool.  This pool contractor is experienced and knowledgeable and will work with you to build the pool of your dreams. When you are ready to start your pool installation, give Carolina Pool Plastering a call.


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Planning for spring time pool installation

Swimming by Memorial Day

Pool contractors doing pool installation
Homeowners all over the Charlotte and Concord area have realized that swimming pool installation is one of the more luxurious ways to beat the heat in the summer. Planning and building a swimming pool is not a weekend project unless you plan on buying your pool out of a box at a department store. Swimming pools are a major investment that will dramatically alter your landscape and your lifestyle.

Every year people call swimming pool contractors in March or April, wanting to have a pool built, so that they can be swimming in it by Memorial Day. Swimming pool construction is complex. If someone wants a pool by Memorial Day weekend, they need to hire a reputable pool builder and start the process in the fall.

Swimming pool installation begin in your mind

The building process must start out by prioritizing your needs and wants for a pool. Consider the following questions:

  • Is my yard big enough for a pool?
  • What are the zoning restrictions?
  • What is my budget?
  • Am I going to maintain the pool myself, or am I going to hire a pool company?
  • How will we use this pool?
  • What do I need to know about safety and insurance?

When people refer to an in-ground pool, they are generally speaking about one of three types; fiberglass, vinyl-lined, or concrete.

Fiberglass pools are pre-molded in a factory and are set into a custom dug hole by a crane. They offer walls with a smooth finish that is durable and stain resistant. The non-porous walls and floor means that they require fewer chemicals than concrete pools. The size and shape selection for fiberglass pools is considerably limited compared to the other types, but installation tends to be much quicker.

Vinyl pools are made from a preformed and flexible liner that fits into the hole, and is attached to a reinforced wall frame. The frame is composed of steel, aluminum, or polymer. The majority of vinyl pools are rectangular, but they are available in L-shapes and freeform. Vinyl pool construction generally takes one to three weeks.

Concrete pools are custom-built, and offer the most flexibility when it comes to design. If you want something that resembles a resort swimming pool with a tanning ledge, you probably need to consider a concrete pool. Constructions for concrete pools take longer than any other type. You can expect concrete pool projects to require between three weeks and three months. These are considered to be the strongest, most durable type of pool. Expect to have the pool renovated or resurfaced every 10 to 20 years.

The best of the Charlotte pool companies

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel Charlotte swimming pools. This includes construction and renovation of your pool deck and drain areas. If you are considering a pool to make your home more beautiful and more fun, call their office for a consultation and quote. Sit down to talk to them about the best way to plan for your swimming pool installation.


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Give your pool installation a fall theme

Change of season

Pool installation done by pool contractors
Bring your pool installation into season with autumn themed decorations and accessories. Fall is upon us, the air is crisp at night and the leaves are beginning to change. This can be easily and creatively done by decorating the backyard and pool deck, just as you would to make the inside of your home cozy and in season. The best part is that decorating your pool does not need to cost a great deal. Consider the following decorating tips that are not only tasteful and affordable.

Pumpkins are essential

Pumpkins are as symbolic for fall as the Christmas tree is for Christmas. Decorating with pumpkins is almost compulsory. Pumpkins can be purchased at any grocery store, or make it a fun day and take the kids out to a pumpkin patch. They come in such a variety of shapes and colors that will provide you with the perfect display. Accent the pumpkin display with colorful gourds to bring in different textures. Pumpkins are a festive choice for large planters on the patio or deck.

Create a centerpiece

Creating a fall themed centerpiece for poolside tables is an easy and inexpensive venture. Decorative baskets can be purchased from a craft store; fill it with items that remind you of autumn such as acorns, Indian corn, gourds, or dried floral arrangements. The centerpiece is a nice touch for those cool, relaxing evenings by the poolside.

Fall theme for pool furniture

This is a great time to replace those summer pillows on the poolside furniture with something that coincides with fall. You will have no problem finding pillows that are decorated in warm shades of reds and oranges. Deep purples and greens can be really fun and perfect for Halloween. Choose colors that complement the fall flowers in the landscaping. A more involved option could include painting the patio deck a rustic fall color.

Change the lighting

Decorative lights should always be a part of your pool motif. Orange or yellow twinkle lights are a great way to set the mood. Floating lights in the pool are quite relaxing and colorful. Hanging fall themed or Halloween lanterns are a nice way to incorporate color. You could also consider lighting up the area with LED rope lighting.

Wreaths and flowers

When decorating for the fall season, it is best to use natural elements such as: corn stalks, dried flowers, straw, and colored ribbons. Wreaths are a popular item for every season, and your harvest wreath can be arranged by using everyday items from your basement or attic along with natural foliage from the yard.

These decorating ideas will create the perfect fall themed compliment for your patio and poolside. Make it a fun project for the whole family; you will get so much fun for just a few dollars. Fall is a great way to incorporate nature in your everyday life.

Pool installation and design in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, and the surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for spas. They can help you with inspired ideas that will create a pool with enticing comfort zones, and extend your entertainment space. A swimming pool can only increase the value of your home or business. To learn more about swimming pool installation or maintenance, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte, NC.


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Finding the pool installation that works best

Building a new pool

Pool builders doing pool installation  in Charlotte, NC
You have decided that this was the last summer that you will go without a pool; understandably, you want the best pool installation that is available. After reading a few articles on the internet, you realize that building a swimming pool can be a daunting task. One of your first questions is, “How will I find the best pool builder?” Talk with several pool builders, ask every question you can think of, look at their work, and consider a contractor who will listen to you and help you to turn your ideas into the ideal pool installation.

What is the right pool for me?

The first thing you will need to decide is the size, shape, and depth, of your swimming pool. The topography and the landscaping surrounding your pool will be factors that you will need to consider. Lifestyle will also determine a lot of your choices. For example, do you have children that are grown or in their late teens, or are they toddlers? Perhaps you have no children at all and a smaller pool with a spa attached is an important feature? Maybe you have a very large backyard, and you want your pool area to fill that space. There are specific questions that your pool builder will ask you in order to determine the best pool for you. This is why it is important to choose a qualified and experienced pool builder, because together, you will discover what you want and what works for you.

How will you use your pool?

How will you use the pool? Many pool owners want their pool to be a centerpiece for entertainment in their home, and for hosting lively gatherings. For others, their concept is a nice pool to relax in, where sitting by the pool side and listening to a waterfall or fountain is just as important as swimming. More and more pool owners are opting for pools that are low maintenance because of their busy lifestyle. Some families will have an empty nest in four or five years, so it is important to consider your current lifestyle, but also recognize how your needs for a pool will change in the next few years. This includes the possibility or the reality of grand kids in the future.

Shape and safety

Have you considered the shape of your pool? Do you want a rectangular pool or a unique shape/design? Are you seeking the largest pool for the money? A rectangular pool can provide you will the greatest amount of square footage, and will lend itself to the safest type of pool cover. However, for many, aesthetics and ambiance are major inspirations for their pool. Perhaps you want a unique shape that compliments the house and landscape? Many pool owners forget that safety and access are often regulated by local ordinances. The best pool builders see this as another opportunity to be creative. The law may state that you must have a locking gate to prevent access by small children; however, this is only an opportunity to create an ornate or natural looking barrier that adds to the beauty and atmosphere of your pool area.

One of the best pool builders in Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pool Plastering offers many services to repair and remodel your pool, its tile, and surrounding areas. Be sure to ask them about their many options and ideas for spas. They can help you with inspired ideas that will create a pool with enticing comfort zones, and extend your entertainment space. Retaining walls require special skill and experience that only comes from years in the business. A swimming pool can only increase the value of your home or business. To learn more about swimming pool installation or maintenance, contact Carolina Pool Plastering, in Charlotte, NC.


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