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Pool tile repair is done and the party is on

Pool party ruined by tile repair needs

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCPool tile repair can be expensive and time-consuming. Unfortunately, you have damaged tile and the invitations have already been sent out for your child’s big pool party. You have picked out the theme Frozen from Disney for a fun party in July, and all the decorations have been purchased and the cake ordered.  Your six-year-old will be heartbroken if you have to cancel the party. You need a pool company with a great reputation and a quick response time. You need quality customer service, from a pool contractor that will listen to your needs and provide efficient, professional repair work.

Pool party saved by pool tile repair

Your guests will never know you needed tile repair. They will be oohing and ahhing over the beautiful tile work as they enjoy the pool and your fun-filled party. If you choose, you can add in blended colored glass tiles and you will be thrilled with the result.  Make sure you chose a pool company with good before and after photos, along with excellent reviews.

Read online reviews and reviews from Pool Tile Repair websites

The pool looks great and I can’t wait for warmer weather to be able to actually use it.  I have always heard that building a pool can be a nightmare, but it was not for me at all.  The whole process was very smooth. We are very pleased with our new pool and the tile repair done around the pool area.

Our services

We provide many different services in addition to pool plaster work and tile. We also do decks, erosion control, water blasting, and many more services you will find on our website.  You will feel comfortable getting your pool repair done by a pool contractor that has been in business since 1982. Our staff has the experience, training, and the latest technology to get the job done right. You will not happy with the work, and your pool party will be a hit.

It is our pleasure to serve our customers

At Carolina Pool Plastering, we are a pool contractor that takes pride in satisfying our customers in every way possible. We strive to make our customers happy, especially six-year-olds.  Don’t worry about your party, or the birthday girl. We will take care of all your pool tile repair needs. You can trust us to do a fair and reasonable consultation and quote.  Check out our website-you can call or email us-whatever is convenient for you for your pool tile repair.


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Using decorative tiles during pool tile repair can create a dramatic impact for your pool

Create a new look for your pool by using decorative tiles during pool tile repair

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCIf you are tired of looking at chipped or cracked tiles in your pool, it may be time for a pool tile repair.  To create a really unique look for your pool, consider using decorative pool tiles to create artistic designs or a flowing palette of colors.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool companies in Charlotte NC can use colorful tiles to create dazzling displays of color.  Doing a pool tile repair to add or replace tiles can result in an updated look to your new pool.

Creating interesting patterns

Pool tile patterns have come a very long way.  It used to be the only choice was the six by six inch blue tiles, but today pool companies like Carolina Pool Plastering are using tiles from all over the world to create gorgeous designs in a vast array of colors and styles.  This wide array of available colors, shapes and sizes in pool tile make this the perfect time to do a pool tile repair on your pool.  Pool tiles may be arranged in unique patterns and themes creating customized mosaics and displays for your pool. The pool tile repair experts at Carolina Pool Plastering can help you create a pool tile display that is exactly right for your outdoor living area.  From a classic mosaic design to a sentimental picture with personal meaning, you and the team from Carolina Pool Plastering can make your backyard pool something to love and enjoy.

Pool tile repair reasons

Even if you have the best pool tiles possible, eventually exposure to sun and pool chemicals will cause them to fade, chip and crack.  Pool chemicals can cause the grout between the tiles to wear thin and eventually give way, allowing pool tiles to come loose.  Sunlight can fade the colors of the tiles, making them look drab and shabby.  When your pool needs an update, a pool tile repair or replacement using modern, colorful decorative tiles may be the answer.

Special pool tiles

Tiles used in swimming pools should be frost free.  This makes them more resistant to freezing and cracking during cold weather.  When you are thinking about a pool tile repair for your Charlotte NC pool, ensure your pool contractor uses the right types of tiles.  The professional pool tile repair experts from Carolina Pool Plastering know the best types of pool tiles to use when replacing or repairing pool tiles in a Charlotte NC pool.  Updating the look of your pool with a professional pool tile repair not only improves the appearance of your pool, but may complement your entire outdoor living area.


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Before opening your pool for the season hire a professional pool contractor for pool tile repair

Charlotte’s best pool contractor can do any necessary pool tile repair before you open your pool for the summer

Pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCBefore you open your backyard pool for the season, be sure to address any needed repairs or structural damage.  This is an important step before getting your pool up and running.  According to Carolina Pool Plastering of Charlotte NC, the best time to get pool tile repairs done is during the off season.  This is also an opportunity to fix any underlying damage around the swimming pool or make any cosmetic touch ups.  Along with pool tile repair, a pool contractor can also reset coping stones, replace caulking, set pool tiles, and replace or repair grouting.  It is also a good idea to renew or replace the caulking along the expansion joint which runs around the perimeter of the pool. Hiring Carolina Pool Plastering to perform pool tile repair and fix any other structural pool damage can help prevent more costly repairs later on.

Structural damage repair

There are a variety of things which can cause structural damage to your backyard pool.  These include freezing temperatures or soil problems.  If you live in an area which experiences very low temperatures, your pool may be at risk of damage.  This is also true if there are problems with the soil around your pool since your pool may settle over time causing damage.  Damage may also be caused by expansion and heaving which can cause the decking to shift.  When it gets cold, this water can then freeze and expand and damage the bond beam of the swimming pool.  This bond beam is typically the top six to eight inches of the pool wall which holds the pool tile and coping.  If the bond beam is compromised or damaged, you may see loose tiles or have tiles fall off.  It is important to hire Carolina Pool Plastering to repair the bond beam because until it is repaired, the tiles will continue to crumble and loosen.

Pool tile repair

Tile may begin to fall off your pool for several reasons.  Your pool may have freeze damage or a compromised bond beam, both of which may result in loose and falling tiles.  Age may also result in loose or damaged tiles.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies will ensure the bond beam and coping stone are set properly and are structurally sound.  They can then replace any pool tile.  It is important to note that it may be difficult to completely match older pool tiles, so it is a good idea to save a sheet or two of pool tiles during installation for later pool tile repair.


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Pool tile repair and cleaning can help make your pool beautiful again

Professional pool tile repair and cleaning can restore your pool

Pool tile repair in  Charlotte, NC
When calcium deposits build up around a pool, it can make the pool look outdated or dirty.  These calcium buildups create a chalky film that can be difficult to remove.  If you have tried to clean off this film and find it an arduous, time-consuming task, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool tile repair and cleaning companies.  They will do the job right the first time, saving you headaches and giving you a pool to enjoy all season.

Carolina Pool Plastering can clean or repair various types of tile, including pebble, coping, and brick, and flagstone, artificial and natural rock.  Their experts know how to remove the calcium buildup without damaging the tile and will restore your pool tile to its natural beauty.

Pool tile repair and clean up

Carolina Pool Plastering uses various procedures and products to clean and repair pool tile.  When your Charlotte NC pool needs repair or updating, they are the experts to call.  They will typically begin by draining the pool a bit so it is easier to work with the tiles.  Then they may use power washing or scrubbing to clean the tile without damaging it.  They will then make any necessary pool tile repairs and clean up everything when they are finished.

Pool tile repair and re-glazing

If your pool tiles appear to be beyond cleaning, then Carolina Pool Plastering may recommend they be re-glazed.  This means adding a glaze or coating over the tile to help restore them to a better, almost new condition.  This type of pool tile repair is especially good when tiles are faded because of exposure to sunlight, stained by pool chemicals or just dull with age.  Years of exposure to cleaning products and pool water can cause pool tiles to get dingy and dirty-looking.  Re-glazing tiles can often make restore the look of your pool tiles.  If this is your experience, Carolina Pool Plastering can make them look like new again.  If your tiles are cracked, chipped or loose, they may need to be replaced.  The pool tile repair experts at Carolina Pool Plastering will recommend the best solutions for your situation.

Carolina Pool Plastering offers other pool tile repair and cleaning services such as upgrades, renovations, and new pool shells. They can also repair or renew your pool’s shotcrete, creating a beautiful new interior.  Carolina Pool Plastering uses water blasting to clean the tiles and surfaces of your pool.  This is an eco-friendly method of pool tile cleaning and surface preparation.  Water blasting does not use any chemicals or cleaning agents, making it safe around family and pets.   Carolina Pool Plastering will be happy to evaluate your pool and provide recommendations for pool tile repair, cleaning, and upgrades.


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Get your pool ready with quality pool tile repair

Performing pool tile repair to get your pool ready for swimming season

Pool tile repair - Charlotte, NC
As the weather warms up, homeowners are beginning to get their backyard pools ready for swimming season.  As they inspect their pools for damage after the winter, may find they need to do some pool tile repair before opening their pool to family and friends.  Often, cold weather will cause pool tiles to crack or loosen and it is important that these tiles be repaired or replaced before people start swimming in the pool.

When doing pool tile repair, it is possible to simply replace tiles if they are at the waterline.  Homeowners may also want to repair or replace any coping tiles at the same time.  This is because repairing or removing coping tiles may cause other tiles to fall off, so it is best to do these repairs at the same time.  In Charlotte NC, one of the best pool tile repair companies to call is Carolina Pool Plastering. Their expert staff has seen just about every type of pool tile issue and know how to repair it.

The purpose of pool tile

Most of the time, pool tile is used around the water line of the pool disguising the bathtub ring which can form when water levels vary because of evaporation or bather load.  Other uses for tile include mosaics and designs throughout the pool and even covering the entire interior of the pool.  Some homeowners consider removing the water line tile, especially when they live in an area with colder winters.  The freeze/thaw cycle can be hard on tiles, resulting in pool tile repair almost every year.  Pool tile also hides many issues, especially on a gunite pool.  If there were no tiles on the edge and/or rim of a marcite or gunite pool, the homeowner may find themselves dealing with chipping or cracking along the frost line, as well as seeing an ugly ring around the water’s edge.

Weather and pool tile repair

Even with the best pool tile repair or installation, there are certain climates which wreak havoc on pool tile.  In the Charlotte NC area, most winters are mild.  There are times, however when the area gets a hard freeze and then a quick thaw and homeowners find themselves with loosened or cracked pool tiles.  Depending upon how harsh the cold weather becomes, pool tiles can begin loosening or cracking within a year of installation.  Pool tiles may also be affected by pool chemicals which can pit or etch the surface of the tiles.  While the finished surface of the pool, including pebble, marcite or other finishes can last up to 20 years or more, pool tiles will most likely need some type of pool tile repair almost every year.  Carolina Pool Plastering in Charlotte NC can repair or replace pool tiles and return your pool to a beautiful state, ready for the next swimming season.


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Use brick coping to reduce pool tile repair

Brick coping can help reduce the need for pool tile repair

pool tile repair in Charlotte, NCCoping is the area which immediately surrounds the space of your pool.  Coping is important to protecting your pool from outside contaminants and the rest of your property from the pool water should it leak.  The coping on your pool can be made from a variety of materials, but it must be thick, sturdy and durable.  Pool coping can also be used to enhance the pool’s natural appearance and to integrate it into the rest of your landscaping.  This is why brick coping is a good choice.  It not only enhances the appearance of your pool, it is also very durable, requiring less pool tile repair.  When you are selecting material for the pool coping, you can help reduce your pool tile repair costs by selecting a sturdy material such as brick.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can help you select the right material for your pool coping, including several options for brick coping.

Protect your pool area

Using brick for pool coping helps protect not only the edge of your pool, but also your entire yard from a pool leak.  Coping also provides space around your pool for you and your family or guests to lounge and walk.  If you are choosing bricks for your pool coping, select those with a high density.  They should also be waterproof and able to withstand the natural elements.  The grout used between the bricks should also be waterproof or water resistant. Unless your Charlotte NC pool is within a structure, the pool and its coping will be exposed to the natural elements.  Prolonged exposure to sun, heat, and cold can cause coping to weaken and crack or chip.  Bricks are one of the most durable materials you can select for your pool coping which is why using them can help reduce your pool tile repair costs.  It is important to be certain you are choosing pool coping material which can withstand extreme temperatures, wind, hail, and rain.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC will work with you to select the best pool coping materials for your pool and surrounding area.

Selecting the right color of pool coping

When you are designing or renovating your pool, it is important to consider all of the details, including the colors and patterns used in your pool tile and coping.  There are many options when creating a design for pool coping, including integrating all of the colors into one palette or contrasting them against each other for a more brilliant display.  Using brick for coping will most likely be a more contrasting style, but it is especially nice if your surrounding landscaping is more natural.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies can work with you on your pool coping design and material selection.  They will advise you on the best materials to reduce your pool tile repair costs.


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Swimming pool tile repair before opening the pool

Check for necessary pool tile repair before opening the pool

pool tile repair worksBefore you open your swimming pool for the summer, you should always inspect it to see if you need any pool tile repair.  It is much easier to make these types of repairs during the down season.  Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best contractors can fix any structural or cosmetic damage to your pool.  This includes setting or replacing tile, setting coping stones, caulking or grouting.  Quite often swimming pool expansion joints will need to be recaulked following the winter.  Any type of pool tile repair should be done as soon as possible to help prevent further damage and resulting in a major swimming pool renovation.

Your pool may be structurally damaged in a variety of ways.  For example, if you live in Charlotte NC or the surrounding area, you may get temperatures at or below freezing during the winter.  Freezes can damage tiles and result in a need for pool tile repair.  Additionally, if you have issues with the soil under your pool, you may also need pool tile repair occasionally as a result of the pool settling through the years.

If your pool deck is made from tile, you may also need pool tile repair if the ground under your deck expands or erodes.  Water can get into the areas that open when the ground shifts or expands or when it erodes around the pool.  This water can then freeze and damage the bond beam of the pool.  This beam is the top six or eight inches of the pool wall and is the area where tile and coping stones are often set.  If this bond beam becomes compromised, you may find yourself with loose coping tiles.  If you do not get the bond beam repaired, tiles will continue to loosen and fall off.  Carolina Pool Plastering are experts in pool tile repair and can help you decide what the best options are to repair your pool.

Repairing or Resetting Coping

The coping in your pool is subject to damage simply because it is exposed and gets a lot of abuse.  The coping tiles may come loose from the bond beam or may crack or shift.  Damage to coping tiles is sometimes easy to see, but can require the services of a pool contractor, such as Carolina Pool Plastering to determine the extent of any damage.

Pool tile repair

You may lose tiles from your swimming pool for a number of reasons.  One of the worst is freeze damage, but it may also be a damaged bond beam or even just time.  Many times, you will find damage in both the pool tiles and the coping and should get both repairs done at the same time.  Most pool tile repair is not complex, but should typically be done by a professional experienced in determining the type and extent of the damage and the best methods for repairing it.

Carolina Pool Plastering is one of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC and are experts in pool tile repair.  Give them a call today.



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Make pool tile repair part of pool maintenance

Regular pool maintenance should include pool tile repair

pool tile repair by pool contractors

As any homeowner knows, putting in an in-ground swimming pool is an expensive proposition.  When you are making this type of investment, it only makes sense to provide good care and maintenance, including pool tile repair.   A new pool provides entertainment for the entire family, along with guests and friends.  It also offers exercise opportunities and will enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space.  A backyard pool also increases the value of your home.

These are all good reasons to ensure your pool remains in the best condition possible.  Pool tile repair is an important part of keeping your pool in good shape.  In Charlotte NC, Carolina Pool Plastering is the expert in performing pool tile repair and providing regular maintenance on your pool.  This is a very important step when your pool can add about eight percent to your home’s value.  To keep your pool in its best possible condition, there are certain weekly and monthly maintenance tasks you should ensure get completed.  At the first sign of cracked or chipped tiles, contact Carolina Pool Plastering to perform your pool tile repair.   There are other steps you can take to ensure your pool remains in the best possible condition.

Keep it clean

Regularly skim the leaves and debris from the water and empty the skimmer baskets weekly.  If your pool is surrounded by a lot of trees, you may have to skim and empty the skimmer baskets more often.  Clean up any debris on the bottom of the pool using a pool vacuum cleaner.  You should also use a cleaner for the pool surface to help keep your water looking clean and fresh.  You should also consider asking your family and friends to not bring any food or beverages into your pool.

Keep the pool chemistry balanced

Balancing chlorine and pH levels are one of the most important tasks in good pool maintenance.  You should check your pool’s chemistry at least twice a week, especially during the swimming season.  Once you understand how the pool chemicals work, you can add the necessary products to re-balance the levels of your pool chemicals whenever necessary.  It is also important to shock your pool with new chlorine at least once weekly.  Your pool installation company will provide you instructions for how to keep your pool free of algae and other types of contaminants.

Inspect for damage

Routinely inspect your pool for damage.  Check for leaks and cracks and look carefully at the pool tile for any necessary pool tile repair.  If you see something that needs to be repaired, call Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies.  Their pool repair experts can resolve any pool issues, including tile damage, cracked plastering, rust or rebar stains, and surface cracks.

Carolina Pool Plastering, one of Charlotte’s best pool companies are the experts to call when you need damage to your pool repaired, including pool tile repair.  Give them a call to discuss all of your repair needs, including pool tile repair.


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When you should use a pool contractor for pool tile repair

When you need pool tile repair

Pool contractors working on pool tile repair
If you have an in-ground pool with any type of ceramic or glass tiles, it will eventually require some type of pool tile repair.  Depending upon the number of tiles to be removed or repaired, you may need to contact a Charlotte NC pool contractor to do the job.  If there are only one or two tiles needing repair, you may be able to do the work yourself.  If, however your pool needs a larger pool tile repair, such as an overall tile replacement or even a run of several feet, you should really hire a pool contractor to perform the work.

Hiring a pool contractor to do your pool tile repair

If you pool is more than twenty years old, chances are it is time to replace all of the tiles in the pool.  Whether they are above or below the water line, the pool will need to be completely emptied and clean before any pool tile repair or replacement can start.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor is specialized in repairing and replacing pool tiles.  They can do pool tile repairs quickly, saving you time and money.  They have the right equipment and skills to ensure the job is done correctly so it does not have to be repeated in a year or two.

Pool tile repair

If your pool only requires a few pool tile repairs, the job will not take too long.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will begin by emptying and then completely cleaning and washing down the pool.  This is to ensure there is no dirt or debris which could get into the pool tile repair mortar.  Once the pool is empty and cleaned, the pool contractor will begin loosening and removing any tiles which need to be replaced.  They will use a variety of tools, depending upon how many tiles will be replaced during the pool tile repair.

To do the repair, the pool contractor will first remove the loose tiles using a chisel.  Then they will remove any grout which may be stuck to the tiles, as well as any grout adhering to tiles on either side of the removed tile.   The pool contractor will then carefully inspect the pool wall or bed behind the tile just removed.  They will look for flaking or loose materials and will build up the bed, if necessary to create a smooth surface even with the next tile.

Ensuring a good pool tile repair

The area behind the removed tile is called the beam.  Your Charlotte NC pool contractor will inspect the beam, looking for cracks or chips.  Cracks are typically the reason for tiles to loosen in the first place.  If there is extreme damage to the beam, a pool tile repair may only last a year or two since there are larger issues with the pool’s construction.  Should the beam damage be significant, a pool contractor may recommend additional repairs such as removing coping stones and replacing a wall.  If the beam is missing chunks of material or is uneven, the pool contractor can use hydraulic cement or pool plaster to create a smooth base for doing the pool tile repair.

One of the best pool contractors in Charlotte NC is Carolina Pool Plastering.  When you need a pool tile repair, give them a call.


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