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Water Blasting Project at Carowinds, completed by Carolina Pool Plastering of Charlotte, NC


Here is a recent water blasting project at Carowinds, completed by Carolina Pool Plastering of Charlotte, NC.

Through using the water blasting process, Carolina Pool Plastering is able to provide eco-friendly pool surface preparation. This process does not use cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals, such as more traditional methods like sand blasting.

Water blasting is also safer in that it doesn’t spew dust into the air or on nearby surfaces such as cars, windows and your lawn. This high pressure water jet can clean up the coatings, remove any undesirable irregularities in the pool’s surface, and provide a strong and durable bonding.

For more information about water blasting and having your pool re-plastered, call Carolina Pool Plastering, at 704-529-8177.


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Swimming pool construction and renovation offers array of entertaining choices in Charlotte

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Swimming pool construction and renovation makes sense if you live in a mild climate like Charlotte NC, where summer extends into fall and winter freezing is rare. In warm, temperate climates, homeowners see their backyards as an extension of their homes, and spend a lot of time entertaining friends and family outside, rather than inside. If your current swimming pool is embarrassing to look at, or you are contemplating a swimming pool to enhance your outdoor activities, it might be time to consider swimming pool construction and renovation with trusted pool contractors like Carolina Pool Plastering.

When is it time to renovate swimming pools?

Swimming pools are not designed to last forever. They will show signs of aging and wear over the years, no matter how well they were constructed. If you notice chips or cracks in your pool, leaking or hollow spots, it’s probably time to do some renovation with Charlotte pool companies that have a good reputation and solid service.

Updating swimming pool materials is often overlooked when it comes to deciding on swimming pool renovation, but it is important to consider for safe fun in the sun. Damaged coping and tile can be dangerous, and needs to be immediately repaired before letting anyone in the pool for a swim. If you are unsure whether the coping or tile needs replacement, call the professionals at Carolina Pool Plastering today and have them come out and take a look. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and no one wants someone to suffer a preventable injury!

Charlotte swimming pools that have outdated drains may also need addressing by pool contractors. The Virginia Graeme Baker Act requires all newly built swimming pools to contain non-entrapment pool drains, but if your pool was installed before 2007, there is a good chance it is not fitted with non-entrapment pool drains. Non-entrapment pool drains prevent swimmers from becoming trapped by the drain and held under water by the drain’s powerful suction. The Virginia Graeme Baker Act was borne of an unfortunate accident that involved a young girl who drowned after being trapped by a pool drain. Make sure to have your pool inspected today if you are unsure whether or not your pool is fitted with non-entrapment drains.

Swimming pool construction with plastering offers ease of cleaning

If you have decided on swimming pool construction, it is time to consider what sort of pool interior you want. There are many choices, but the two big ones are in-ground vinyl liners or plaster swimming pools. In-ground vinyl liners are definitely a cost-savings, but they are prone to wrinkling and spring leaks more often than concrete swimming pools. In-ground vinyl liners will fade over time and may even develop bubbles of air trapped between the liner and the concrete below.

When your swimming pool contractors use plaster over concrete, the finish is smooth and long lasting. Premium pool plaster can last up to 15 years and is stain-resistant when quartz is added to it. If you decide your budget needs to pass on premium plaster, you will still have five to seven years of service from the economic plaster. When it’s time for cleaning, a simple water blasting service from Carolina Pool Plastering will have your pool’s surface like new in no time! Contact Carolina Pool Plastering for more details.


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Charlotte’s pool remodelers perform efficient and Eco-friendly surface preparation with Water Blasting

Waterblasting helps Carolina Pool Plastering perform efficient and eco-friendly surface preparation

Carolina Pool Plastering is proud to offer water blasting.  Water blasting is an environmentally friendly approach to cleaning pool surfaces. Water blasting does not use cleaning agents or abrasive chemicals.

To do pool replastering right, it is important to use a method that works without being an environmental or health hazard. Preparation of pool surfaces used to be done conventionally through sand blasting. Customers, however, have expressed concerns about its impact on the surrounding area which can extend to the neighbors. It can spew dust into the air and on surfaces like cars, doors, windows, and even the pool owners’ lawn.

With waterblasting, a high pressure water jet can clean up the coatings as well as remove any undesirable irregularities on the pool’s surface which can prevent strong and durable bonding. It ensures high quality and longer lasting pool plastering.

Carolina Pool Plastering  in Charlotte, NC offers pool renovation and repair as well as tile replacement and repair to fix pools that have become damaged, stained or discolored.. The company provides a range of services including pool maintenance, pool replastering, water blasting, new pool shells, decks and pool and tile renovations for pool surfaces. Contact Carolina Pool Plastering for more information on water blasting or to get a quote on remodeling or repairing your pool, or tile.


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